Holiday Weekend…

Memorial Day is always an incredibly busy weekend in my vanilla life. So you won’t see much from me here unless the weather is terrible (it’s not supposed to be).

Lots and lots of gardening, and a flash trek to Maine to visit the MIL (my seasonal complaint…5+ round-trip hours of driving for a 90 minute visit. Sigh.)

But we might hit the beach on the way home, since it is supposed to be HOT!

Then more gardening when we get home.

And…Master and i decided to put our plans for this weekend on hold since we’re both trying to put a lot of vanilla stuff in there too…and it wouldn’t have been a relaxing (relaxing? where the fuck do I come up with those adjectives??! LOL!) time for us. I don’t know about Him, but I don’t want our first time together since FEBRUARY to be a hurried, rushed, frantic affair. If it’s hurried and rushed and frantic and crazed because we can’t keep our hands off each other, that’s one thing, right? But if it’s that way because we’re trying to rush off to other obligations…not so good.

So there’s a dash of sadness in there, which will be replaced by happy in a few weeks when we can be together and have a good time and enjoy one another.

I have stories swirling in my head…and just zero time and opportunity just now to write them…hopefully I’ll grab some time Friday evening, Sat. night …we’ll see how that shakes out.

If I don’t get back here, have a good, safe weekend.

I salute you, Veteran’s, and  those currently serving. Your sacrifice allows me the freedom to write what I write.

Blessed be.



8 thoughts on “Holiday Weekend…

  1. your first time together since February? Really? Oh my nilla~~ you are a brave and wonderful woman.
    My heart goes out to you both.

  2. Oh hon! I understand, but damn! Lots of hugs, hope everyone behaves an that you have a lovely time when you two do get together. Granted, we will all hear you cum… The orgasm that broke the sound barrier!

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