Been a very busy weekend in nilla-ville. They kept sayin’ maybe rain, maybe thunderstorms up here, but never did they materialize…which meant that  a ton of yard and garden work was tackled this weekend.

My back is sore, kinda achy. I have dirt under my toe nails, under my fingernails. I’ve got scrapes and bruises from sticks poking up in the field where our community garden lies, all from gardening. Who knew that planting tomatoes would be an outdoor D/s activity courtesy of Mom Nature? 🙂

And there are pumpkins, and soon, basil and hot peppers, and Indian corn. There was no room in the car this trip to do the last few things…but I got my tomatoes in. I planted the seeds in the house  in March and a second set in early April…and we’ll see. Did less plants than last year, only 13.

Saw Master for 90 minutes Sunday morning. That always lifts my spirits, even though it’s not a “play date”…it’s time to connect and touch and be silly together. And heart wars…of course. (this time? He got me! Hid one in my armpit when He was ticking me. . . funny Man!)

And…I’m on a diet.  I even hate saying it, let alone type it.  But …it needed to happen. Master is overseeing it…He’s said He’s let it go long enough…He loves me no matter my size or shape…and loves playing with all my soft and tender bits…but it was a concern for my health.  So here we go. So far, so good. Good food, whole foods. Lots of good healthy stuff that I’ve been avoiding for a while.

NO more ice cream every night…(yes, that was a not-so-muffled sob in there!)…but I may have one treat a week, and if I get clearance FIRST, and have been good, I *could* earn ice cream. Or a Starbucks vanilla bean frappachino.

Family obligations continue to pile up…but I am hoping for some time to write. I had a wicked idea for a story while driving home from Maine …just about rubbing my hands together in glee over it.

Thanks for reading. For coming back to drivel. For coming back hoping for some GOOD stuff and not all this vanilla-snizzle.  More sexy stuff coming soon.




16 thoughts on “Random…

  1. I need to do some yard work, as we just won’t have a garden this year. Too damn dry. sigh…
    I’m glad you got some Master time. Amazing the silly things that will make us happy isn’t it? As for the diet… I’m not surprised. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been concentrating your pain on your belly. And, I have to admit, that I foresee a change of food habits in our future. sigh..

    • Well…you know I’m the worlds LAZIEST gardener. I spread landscape fabric (learned that after year 1 since it’s a field) over the plot, then put the plants in. Oh, and I stake ’em. But as to heavy duty “work” …? not so much. I don’t pull out rocks. Roots go around rocks. I rarely water. That’s what rain is for. I fertilize every 10-12 days and that is it.

      See? Lazy is good! and in the end? I still get tomatoes, just like the people who have to go up daily to weed and water!


      • It rarely goes a week without raining here (except for this winter which was our dryest, and warmest, on record)

        But it always makes up the difference, so we got a lot of rain the week before vacation, the week after, and the week after that.


  2. Hey.

    Feel your pain. Need to get (back) on the healthy eating diet with you. i’m glad you’re happy about the way it’s playing out in your relationship.



    • 🙂

      There was a hint of therapist in that comment (laughing!) … things over all are …good. Working on the happy. Just found out my sister is on Prozac for depression. I…*shakes head*…I just can’t do that, yanno? I’d rather have the highs and lows…and that’s just ME talking…i know it helps hundreds of people…and I’m not talking a deep depression that makes one incapacitated.

      I’m just fucking moody, is all. 🙂


      • Noooo, no therapist thoughts here!!

        Here’s a therapy thought:

        Prozac works about 10% better than a placebo. If you want to know more:


        Interesting research.

        Cognitive behavior therapy works as well, if not better than Prozac, and has a longer lasting effect after treatment stops.

        Nothing wrong with having moods. Or fucking moods. In fact, some people might prefer the latter.




      • 🙂

        i was kidding about the therapist btw…and i’m not at all surprised that behavior mod is better, results-wise, than meds. Meds invoke an artificial environment for change, whereas behavior mod (could not say “bm” there w/o laughing!)…means that the person has made their own change happen through hard work.
        Doesn’t mean that the prozac isn’t a good starting place for some people. My sis was sure pleasant to be around when we were on vacation together. Just not my way, I guess.

        oh, and you wiseacre, you! I’m one that definitely approves of “fucking moods”… mwhahaha! Speaking of..time to go masturbate before midnight…or I’ll be screwed…or would that be…unscrewed?



  3. nilla, not to worry about what you write. you make even the mundane seem exciting.

    As for the diet, not necessarily a bad thing. Now that I’m back on track I’ve lost 5 lbs and hope to keep it going.


    • You guys…erp…Captitol G Guys!…lose weight so much faster than women…I’ll be happy to lose a pound my first week! Hoping next week will give me a better result…have only been at this for 6 days and am already feeling better. The mental re-adjustment is awesome, and i’m not “self-medicating” with ice cream.

      Baby steps.

      And Yay to you for losing 5 pounds…that’s just awesome! We’ll have the D/s diet club and take a total on September 1st as to our combined weight loss total…oH…that sounds like a blogpost!


  4. Joining you on that healthy diet stuff….same reason health…Ugh. It sucks doesn’t it?

    The garden sounds super nice! We used to have a community garden when mouse lived in California — it was wonderful! We’d all share the harvest. Mentioned it to someone here once and they looked at mouse like she had horns or something…LOL

    Everything you write is good!


    • Thanks mouse!

      This plot (of gardens) is semi-small, and we are each “self contained”…but we can share the harvest with the place (it’s in an apple orchard, which is lovely!)

      It’s just such a beautiful place; at the end of a trying day I can go up, catch a breeze, watch the sky, see bluebirds, and hawks, and catch a breath.

      I’m psyched that I only planted 13 tomatoes this year, rather than the 30 I did last year. Since I’m the sole production person …it’s a ton of work…and I just couldn’t do it all, not all that produce. I’m learning to set parameters! Yay me!


  5. Mundane = real life. And we ALL have to deal with that! I write boring stuff too so it’s all good. As for the diet – my cholesterol is through the roof. about 2 months ago I decided to get on a weight loss / fat-cutting diet too. So again, you’re SO NOT ALONE! And yes, once in a while I get a treat, just to keep me going, kinda like my incentive spankings 🙂

    • Hi FA…I had a feeling I wasn’t on the diet train by myself. And so far it’s been pretty easy…first week is almost done, and I’ve survived. the biggest key (for me) is to eat lower on the food chain…so I feel fuller. And water. Gods I’m terrible about drinking water. Up to 4 glasses a day now, so there’s some improvement!



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