caution…RANT WARNING…..lotta cussing ahead….

Had to do a ‘thing’ in Boston tonight.

nilla does NOT like to drive in Boston. NOT NOT NOT!!!

and when wifey is being a mean wicked bitch? Worser and worser.

grrrrrr fucking asshole bitch.

She didn’t know which way to go??? LIKE HOW THE FUCK WOULD *I* FUCKING KNOW???

(sensing some anger there? yup)

She was holding the fucking directions.  SHE was. Not me, the driver. And no, we don’t have a fucking gps. And she whines coz she doesn’t know how to use her smartphone yet.

That’s not my fault, either, that the phone is smarter than her. So -fucking- there!


So we get lost. Wicked lost.


There’s a fucking Red Sox game and we went ’round Fenway park.

Fucking twice.

Holy fucking hell on earth, people.

Thank god we found a nice cop man, (oooh, sexy man in uniform!) who sent us on the right path…

AFTER 90 fucking minutes lost in Towne.

AFTER my wife yells at me for not knowing which fucking way on Boyalston STreet to fucking go.

How the fuckity fuck fuck should *I* fucking know? I don’t drive into Boston.

So the nice and sexy cop guy, who will give me fantasy fodder for a while (see ? always a silver lining!), got us directed correctly, we found our destination and enjoyed what we went there for.

And came home.

Driving into an intense line of thunderstorms (that had carried a Tornado warning as it came through Vermont and the Berkshires)…

Taking us from 70 mph to around 50 mph…and adding an extra 30 minutes onto our drive home. So here it is, nearly 11 pm and I’ve not had my fucking like day orgasm.

And I’m really hurt by my wife yelling at me. Made me cry. Saying that I was driving crazy…like WTF? I was in the wrong lane. Yes.  I put on my directional and didn’t move out of the lane i was in until i got flagged to go by the guy behind me.  I made a U-turn on a street that wasn’t marked “no U turn” with no oncoming traffic.

How was either of those two things crazy?

We got home and got the kiddo’s to bed, and then I just stopped talking. Told her I was going to bed.

“What? No kiss goodnight?” She says.

“Not feeling very kissy. You were mean to me. Very mean.”

“Well, I was scared.”

“So was I. Didn’t give you free reign to be mean to me, and make me cry, and put me down in front of our children.”

“You talked to me all the way home. And *now* you’re all mad at me again?”

(this said with incredulity)

“I didn’t want to fight in front of the kids. Yes, I ‘m still angry with you.”

(what? she thought it was okay to do that to me, not apologize, and things would be hunky fucking dory?)




Thank you for letting me vent. Or reading my vent. I rarely get that mad. Rarely. Afraid to let that wild thing go, really. But tonight? I’m fucking royally pissed the fuck off.

PS Master has just texted me that I may have an O. I might just call Him to say thanks!