caution…RANT WARNING…..lotta cussing ahead….

Had to do a ‘thing’ in Boston tonight.

nilla does NOT like to drive in Boston. NOT NOT NOT!!!

and when wifey is being a mean wicked bitch? Worser and worser.

grrrrrr fucking asshole bitch.

She didn’t know which way to go??? LIKE HOW THE FUCK WOULD *I* FUCKING KNOW???

(sensing some anger there? yup)

She was holding the fucking directions. Β SHE was. Not me, the driver. And no, we don’t have a fucking gps. And she whines coz she doesn’t know how to use her smartphone yet.

That’s not my fault, either, that the phone is smarter than her. So -fucking- there!


So we get lost. Wicked lost.


There’s a fucking Red Sox game and we went ’round Fenway park.

Fucking twice.

Holy fucking hell on earth, people.

Thank god we found a nice cop man, (oooh, sexy man in uniform!) who sent us on the right path…

AFTER 90 fucking minutes lost in Towne.

AFTER my wife yells at me for not knowing which fucking way on Boyalston STreet to fucking go.

How the fuckity fuck fuck should *I* fucking know? I don’t drive into Boston.

So the nice and sexy cop guy, who will give me fantasy fodder for a while (see ? always a silver lining!), got us directed correctly, we found our destination and enjoyed what we went there for.

And came home.

Driving into an intense line of thunderstorms (that had carried a Tornado warning as it came through Vermont and the Berkshires)…

Taking us from 70 mph to around 50 mph…and adding an extra 30 minutes onto our drive home. So here it is, nearly 11 pm and I’ve not had my fucking like day orgasm.

And I’m really hurt by my wife yelling at me. Made me cry. Saying that I was driving crazy…like WTF? I was in the wrong lane. Yes. Β I put on my directional and didn’t move out of the lane i was in until i got flagged to go by the guy behind me. Β I made a U-turn on a street that wasn’t marked “no U turn” with no oncoming traffic.

How was either of those two things crazy?

We got home and got the kiddo’s to bed, and then I just stopped talking. Told her I was going to bed.

“What? No kiss goodnight?” She says.

“Not feeling very kissy. You were mean to me. Very mean.”

“Well, I was scared.”

“So was I. Didn’t give you free reign to be mean to me, and make me cry, and put me down in front of our children.”

“You talked to me all the way home. And *now* you’re all mad at me again?”

(this said with incredulity)

“I didn’t want to fight in front of the kids. Yes, I ‘m still angry with you.”

(what? she thought it was okay to do that to me, not apologize, and things would be hunky fucking dory?)




Thank you for letting me vent. Or reading my vent. I rarely get that mad. Rarely. Afraid to let that wild thing go, really. But tonight? I’m fucking royally pissed the fuck off.

PS Master has just texted me that I may have an O. I might just call Him to say thanks!

29 thoughts on “Unwinding…

  1. If I wasn’t sure my ex-wife is straight and living in Missouri, I’d swear your wife and her were the same! Rant any time you want to, nilla-it’s your party and you can cry if you want to!

    • Thanks Gardener….I think there are more of them sometimes…she is a clone of her mother sometimes. And sometimes just her own bitchy self.

      i can be a bitch too, make no mistake, πŸ™‚

      but this was so totally not my idea, nor my fault. And hell, I thought we had been working together as a team lately.

      silly me.


  2. Nilla…hope you ar least enjoyed the orgasm. And so just realized there might be a reason Omega never lets mouse drive, or hold a map…


    • πŸ™‚

      not commenting on that… just smiling.

      The o was fan TASTIC!!

      way made up for a sucky day. Way.



  3. Nice rant! Hope it helped you feel better! Sorry you had a tough trip, glad you still got to enjoy what you went for. And cop-guy sure sounds like a silver lining!



    • thanks f.a. . . i rarely rant like that. Glad i got it off my chest and thinking about moving forward.

      and um..yanno..writing a sex blog! All this vanilla is interfering!


    • Did have one. Teen kiddo took it apart, stole the sims card, kept it in his pants pocket. went through washer and dryer. Died.


      (think wife did anything about it? right. not.)


  4. My solution let.them.drive. ill kill us all anyway lol.

    I wish for your heart, for the kids, something could have balanced the frustration. Sending you peace


    • Thanks, ytys…

      i had a LONG talk with Master tonight. It’s been two evenings now of this sort of horseshit, and He helps me through the hardest of them. He gets that I’m not in a position to do anything any differently, that all I can do at this point is suck it up, and move forward. I can change my response to it. Sure i’m hurt/mad/whatever…but moving past it is healthier than dwelling on all the hurts…and he is there for me to lean on.

      (so He decides to torture me and give me one…and a half…O’s tonight…to take my mind off my troubles.)

      smart Dom!


  5. I think it sounds like she needs to drive from now on since she hates your driving so much. My GF is like that – she is a super nervous passenger – complaining about my speed, gasping and air braking all the time. I make her drive whenever possible. Better for both our nerves.

    • oh, no. I couldn’t stand that. She drives 10 miles lower than speed limit. It’d take us twice as long to get anywhere…and she refuses to drive in Boston (i’m the brave driver)..

      It’s not like I’ve had accidents all the time…like I’ve had ONE in 35 years of driving. ONE. And it wasn’t my fault, either. It makes me fucking CRAZY. And I told her flat out, never again. I’d NEVER drive her into the city again, she should make her plans accordingly. Take the train. Whatever. But I’m NOT going to do it.

      (a stubborn old Swede who means it when she says Never)

  6. I was thinking you needed rope for you know what, but a GPS would serve you much better. If you get one, get one with life time maps. Tip

  7. LOTS and LOTS of hugs!!! Duct tape, ball gag and cuffs. Granted, that would all be too good. sigh…
    However, there is one thing I noticed. Two years ago, you wouldn’t have stood up to her in this manner. You’d have been much more hurt. Much more upset, and it would have lasted longer. While it may not seem like you’ve grown, Oh My Have You! πŸ™‚
    Glad you got an O and a 1/2. πŸ™‚

    • that damned half o like to kilt me!

      i had the most GINORMOUS self-o squirt EVER. I mean it was …incredible. Who the hell knows why? not i.

      But hot on the heels of that/ to do a half O when I was so incredibly turned on? Torture. (which of course, He loves.)

      And it won’t be until tomorrow night before our phone sex date. Gods. Am so horneeeee!


      • I understand. I got a spanking the other day, and then nothing…. So, it felt like 1/2 an O to me. Gahhh! Now I’m stressed and sick and hoping like crazy that we get to have play time on Saturday.

    • oh, and btw…thank you for that lovely compliment. I’m following Master’s advice from a very very very dark time. He’s dead on right, and it’s getting easier to…deal with it without having a tantrum. That will only give her the (negative) attention she wants. I’m not stooping to that.

      And this morning told her that I was still very hurt about the Boston thing, the put down in front of the kids.

      and she apologized.

      milestones all over the fucking place here! but what you said was lovely, and I thank you for it…it means a lot.


      • You’re welcome, and it is true! I love you and am so glad you’re getting stronger. πŸ™‚ This kind of healing takes time. (BTDT, worn out the teeshirt, and the hankie) I’m glad you’re able to follow your Master’s advice. Don’t feed her energy.

        Glad she apologised, even if it was a bit late. Hopefully she will think about some of this.

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