fair warning…this may well ooook you out…(gosh, i hope so!) ~n~

She woke in the middle of the night, needing desperately  to pee.

“So glad I had that glass of water before bed” she grumbled as she sat on the edge of her bed, getting her bearings. Her eyes felt gritty, but she knew the way by feel. With a jaw-cracking yawn, she headed for the bathroom.

She moved to lift the lid, but it was already up. Funny, she was usually a stickler for closing it, ever since Clyde had fallen in. Stupid cat.  He’d dripped toilet water all over the upstairs before she’d caught him and took him to the groomers.

She sat, and relaxed. oh. aaah. Man, her bladder had been aching. Her eyes still closed, she sat for a moment when she was done. The lights were off, with just the occasional flash of the street light several backyards away, as the trees danced in the night wind.

She heard a splash. Oh fuck. Was the toilet overflowing? Had she flushed it yet? Confused, she opened her legs to see if she could see the water.

In seconds, long, snake-like arms shot out of the toilet bowl. They wrapped around her thighs. She screamed. Another shot out and slapped against her chest, worming up to her face. Batting at it frantically, she struggled to move it off of her, to get away.

She was held tight. Twisting coils of …my god where they tentacles? ….kept coming up from between her splayed legs. Her arms were captured, her breasts seized.

She felt a probing at her rectum.

“NOOOOO,” she screamed, but the thing kept pushing. She squeezed as tightly as possible, even as she felt more of the gross things pressing into her vagina. The twisting, turning of them hit her clit, rubbed her pussy lips, and finally, punctured through her clenched asshole.

She was filled with nasty things, felt her belly ripping with the invading tendrils.

Her tits were squeezed. Tighter and tighter the coils wrapped around her, until only her nipples showed. She gasped, as she felt the deliberate tickle against her clit.

The invasion was short-lived, the wiggling, slimy things slipping from her pussy and ass of a sudden. The porcelain beneath her trembled a bit.  A small splash of water was her only warning, as a  thick, white protuberance passed up between her legs. Rising upwards towards her face, it  rubbed against her lips pressing firmly.

She tasted a sharp tang, a liquid both sweet and bitter, before it withdrew. She felt hot, then dizzy. A flush ran through her, a snap of heat so sudden, so intense that she felt jolted into sexual awareness. Her pussy flared into life; she felt the oozing of her sex-juice and heard it drip into the water below.

That fat, bulbous head pressed lower, tapping at her nipples, which swelled and beaded tightly. Lower still, it slid down the vee of her opened thighs, gliding along the top of the slit, now pressing her lower lips apart and rubbing against her sex center. Her clit all but sizzled. The moan was long, a string of saliva slipping from her half-opened mouth. It landed on that invader, making it writhe.

It pressed against her. She breathed a soft ‘no’, knowing it was useless to protest. It wouldn’t fit. It was so much bigger around than her pussy could take. It would tear her in half.

She couldnt’ find it in her to mind. She was turned on, electric with a need she could not explain.

It pressed  past her inner lips to the start of her sex hole. The shape of it morphed. It was the only way to explain what was happening. She could feel  it moving, stretching itself as it pressed hard, driving up into her. It was  so hot, so hard, so slippery, as it slid  into her body.

It twisted and twirled inside of her cunt; she wanted to ride it, hump it, make it fill her entire body with the need she felt for it. The pressure built, the thing felt hot and heavy inside of her.

Looking down, she could see her belly ripple with the movements of the beast inside of her. Again she felt the pressure on her asshole, but she was beyond fight.

Her nerve endings exploded into carnelian hues…she was electric, alive, jolting and jerking through the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced.

She felt the waves of its (whatever the hell it was) cumming. Her belly distended, distorted with the amount of juice it poured into her body. It hurt. It was so painful. So erotic.

She fainted as her belly continued to accept his seed, as she came in one unending wave of orgasmic bliss.

She woke in her bed.

What a strange dream.

Rising, she stretched, bending left, then right, arms overhead. Catching sight of herself in the mirror, she gasped. There were red striations around her thighs, her arms.

Her belly was gently rounded.

And moving.