The Ring

“I bought you a new phone.”

She looked up in surprise as he came into the kitchen. Her hands stilled, carrots forgotten under the blade as she saw that look on His face.

He took the brown-wrapped parcel out from under his arm, laying it on the counter beside her. He looked both Dommish, and like a kid about to enter the candy store.

“What?” She couldn’t help the smile.  His quick kiss, and the equally quick nipple squeeze made her giggle, and giddy.

“Open it!”

Used to obeying, she took the knife she was using to slice carrots, and carefully slit through the taped seams of the box.  She would have turned to put the knife in the sink, but he took it from her, impatient to have her attend to the box before her.  She shivered as he trailed the knife down over her buttocks. Even through her shorts she could feel the point teasing her bottom.

She tried to ignore the blade slipping down the back of her thigh, but giggled and jolted as he hit the tickle zone behind her knee.


He laughed, and she heard the clatter of the blade in the sink. The paper fell open and she saw the box cover. It was indeed a cell phone. With a twist.

She looked over her shoulder at him.

“You’re kidding.”

Shaking his head, his wicked smile deepened. “open it.”

His voice was husky now, and she felt the immediate response in her pussy. How did he do that to her, so fast? She felt her nipples tighten, and the tingle between her legs.  She opened the lid and saw the cute phone nestled in the wrapping. Beside it lay a package almost the size of the phone itself.

She took the parts out, and opened the second box.

It was an egg.

“Remote control.” His tone was full of the excitement she felt bubbling off of him.

“Every time I call you, the egg will go on. It won’t go off unless I code in a tone.”

Her mouth opened and closed several times before any sound came out.


“Go on, put it in.”

He watched as she assembled the battery casing, and slithered out of her shorts.  What a tease!

She brought the egg to her lips, licking it to moisten it. There wasn’t really a need to do so, her pussy was soaked now, but she watched him, watching her.  She trailed the egg down her body, then thrust out her hips, and slowly inserted it.

“mmmmmmm….” she moaned. “That’s a good-sized egg, Sir!”

At his direction, she set up the phone, all the while feeling the fullness inside of her. Soon the phone was active; the anticipation was making her giddy.

He took out his cell and dialed her new number. The phone in her hand chimed. She answered it, nearly breathless.

The egg went on.

He held the directions in his hands, and hit keys on his phone. She felt the changing vibrations in her cunt. The last one was intense, pressing hard and deep. Her head fell back, the moan low and long.

“put your shorts back on slut. I’m hungry.”

She snapped back into reality, watching him through narrowed eyes as he  smiled a smug grin at her, before he scooped up the packaging, and left the room.

It wasn’t long before her phone chimed again.

She answered it cautiously.

There was the sound of key tones, and the sudden upsurge in the vibrations in her pussy.His chuckle sounded against her ear as she moaned.

“You always wanted an anniversary ring,” he said, his voice husky. “This is one we’ll both enjoy. A lot.”




33 thoughts on “The Ring

  1. ROFLOL!!!! Oh my! After all the fuss and bother with your new phone, this is a riot. Now of course,… does your phone vibrate? LOL…

    Oh, and Wolf just bought me a new phone. Hmmm…

    1. *giggle*

      Yeah, that entire fucking phone fiasco is likely what triggered this little nugget…the silver lining!

      oh…is that your phone ringing? *giggle* Your eyes just got SO BIG!

    1. 🙂

      you don’t have much beach up your way, so I’m sharing (tho we don’t have palm trees up north here!)


      1. LOL! Nah, the only beach we have is out at the lake. Not the same. As for those palm trees… you could always trim up a few pines… LOL.

      2. My pine tree is close to 60′ tall. No fucking way that’ll ever look like anything other than a pine!



      3. My pine tree is close to 60′ tall. No fucking way that’ll ever look like anything other than a pine!



    1. LOL…making your head explode? Care to elucidate?

      you just hate change in general? ally…you know i’m always changing things up… it’s the Aquarian in me.

      Hug for putting up with it!


      1. Head explode, as in it was bothering me far more than it should. Meep.

        I don’t hate change, it’s just hard on me to adapt too. I’m the type to walk up to someone and say (only if they’re a good friend, mind) “You changed your hair…. I don’t like it”.

      2. oh…you’re that friend … 😉

        actually…i appreciate the honesty. I tried making the fonts bigger but I’d have to pay for it. And I may wind up changing the format (again, which means manually inputting the frikking widgets…) because I went today and the font is indeed smaller than I like.


  2. I love this ~ nothing to ick me out here, and how fun would that be?

    I like your new look, except the print is small and I don’t like change anyhow, but other than that, it’s very nice. 🙂


    1. The print is smaller? It didn’t look that way to me (not smaller than the other style, at any rate, on my puter. Sorry about that…..can you increase your font size easily? I can’t change the font unless I buy a font package. )

      Glad you enjoyed the story, even if you had to break out your magnifying glass!

      Beachy is the summer theme!


    1. Thank you very much Southern Sir…June is for beach time (despite the ton of rain we’ve had this weekend in New England!)…and I like to change things up. Moved most of my bedroom around, and then continued it here!

      Someone here posted that they really do have these phone-egg things. Google it? As for me, I’d rather live with the possibility!


    1. Thanks abby! Time to go “beachy” since it’s June!

      and I know I’d buy one of them if they *really* worked!


  3. There is actually an egg that does this. They are 1.expensive in my opinion 2. HUGE 3. A riot in a grocery store lol.

    1. Laughing…for real? Huge might not be *bad*…you know it’d stay in when you start writhing next to the broccoli…



  4. Guess this takes care of the distance problem remote toys have had in the past. My wife is getting her hair done, wish I had one. Get in touch with Samsung or apple, this will be an app every Guy will want. Maybe Sir B will send me your number. Tip

    1. Tip, you *always* manage to make me laugh out loud!! This was a great comment, and I thank you for it! Women all over the world suddenly jolted out of their boring day to day by the unexpected ring of the phone…



    1. 🙂

      several people have said that there are phones/egg vibes like that..I’ve never seen them, but who knows? Maybe someday your Omega or my Master can dial us up an unexpected shake, rattle n’ roll!



  5. Act.chew.alay said just like that lol. It was called The Toy (dum dum dum) and has been withdrawn from the market for some reason

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