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“There you go.”

She groaned as he fastened the next clothes pin to her side. Her arms were getting tired, tied as they were to the upper part of the Cross.  She felt the hot, slick ooze on her left thigh as the pain continued to jolt her cunt to awareness.

So fucking turned on.

So fucking hurting.

“ung..! OH!” She yelped, writhed a bit in her bondage as he pinched another bit of her tender skin.  She looked like a fucking porcupine! Her belly was covered in the pinching nasties. Her tits were throbbing. Her nipples ached.

He was currently absorbed in applying the next peg to the top of her pussy, just before the start of her pussy lips. Her skin was drawn taut, every sag now gathered up in the unforgiving pins.

“Stop complaining, slut,” he admonished, looking up. He rolled his eyes at her. “This is hard work, you know. Gods, I must have squeezed 150 of these suckers. I’m getting a hand cramp here. Silly slut.”

She whimpered. He was so fucking mean!

It seemed like hours later that he stepped away.

Pins ran up and down her front. He’d stuck one on her bottom lip, and the bridge of her nose. The ran down her legs, and up her pussy.

He picked up his phone and snapped a few pictures.

“Well, you do look lovely. A bit peggy, but lovely.”

She moaned. The pincers were really starting to ache. She supposed this was when the fullness of her submission was supposed to kick in. When it wasn’t quite as comfortable.  She was one throbby mass of hurt.  She didn’t feel fucking submissive. She wanted to rip her hand free and pull off these fucking pegs, and peg them at HIM!

And he just stood there, drinking it in.

“Hurts, does it?”

She nodded, tears leaking from her. She could no more stop those, than the steady river flowing from her pussy.

“Really, really hurts?”

“yes, Master. It really fucking really hurts!” Her voice was a husky whisper.

A smile dashed across his face, a little boy with his new toy. Reaching out, he flicked a few of the pins. Her nipple was not amused; she gasped at the sharp stab of sensation. Stepping up to her, pressing up against the bristly protrusions, He took her face and kissed her. She moaned into his mouth as he pressed and moved the clothespins as he leaned into her.

“So fucking mean” she gasped into his mouth. He laughed against her lip, knocking the peg there up and down.

“Oh, are we complaining?”

She nodded.

“Very well then, slut. I guess I’ll have to take them off.” He turned away to the table, taking a sip of his ice tea.

The relief in her voice was palpable. “Thank you Sir, Thank YOU!”

Her relief was short-lived as he turned back to her,  brandishing his favorite crop.  With a snap, the first peg came flying off. She cried out; the crop stung, the release of the peg hurt!

“You think you have problems slut? My arm is getting sore here!”

He threw back his head and laughed.