Dominus Litus III

She snapped the lock on her suitcase. The taxi would be here soon. She didn’t want to pace. Checking her make-up for the 20th time, she scooped up her bag and put it by the front door.

She was working on DL time now. And wondered again why she was doing this. His instructions were crystal clear. When she was to be ready. That he would send a car for her. That she wasn’t to bring many personal items…and even those had been detailed for her. The business woman inside of her had been shunted to one corner of her brain.  Marissa wondered if that wonderfully, terribly, organized woman was even now kicking and screaming to get out.  She paused, head cocked, assessing herself.

No. She was well and truly shut away. Or maybe she didn’t truly exist.  Maybe Manager Woman,  the role she assumed at work…maybe that was a cloak she slipped into and out of.  Maybe she wasn’t really that woman. Perhaps the submissive woman who stood just inside her front door, torn between trepidation and excitement was the real woman after all.

Her doorbell rang, shattering the moment of introspection.

She opened it, expecting a cabbie. A man in a uniform stood there.

“Slut Marisa?” While the tone was kind, the words made her blink.

“Yes?” She looked beyond him and saw the limo. “What?…”

“I was sent by Sir D to collect you. You should have one bag?” At her nod, he gestured to enter. She nodded again.  He took the bag, and her elbow, leading her outside. Pausing, he pulled shut the door.

“I will take this as well,” and he took her keys, locking her door. Taking her purse, he slid the keys inside and zipped the top shut. Tucking the bag under his arm, he took her elbow and steered her down her front walk and to the waiting car. Car. What a paltry word for this apartment on wheels.

She assumed there would be others here. There were not.

“Slut Marissa, my name is Ed, and I’ll be your guide and driver today. You are instructed to change into the attire provided, all of it,” he emphasized.  “There are refreshments here; the drive is moderately long. Sir DL says to remind you that this will be your last true comfort for the next 14 days, and to take advantage of it!”

She looked up at Ed, a bit apprehensive. He smiled his gap-toothed grin, as he eased her into the interior of the limousine. The inside was a rich walnut brown.  She slid onto a seat as soft as buttercream.  Ed reached inside and opened a bottle with a sharp pop. Expertly he poured her a flute of bubbling pink froth.

“Champagne, Miss, to celebrate.”

“What, exactly, am I celebrating?” she asked, a bit drolly.

“Finding yourself, Miss. This is the start of your journey. Enjoy.” Passing her the flute, he gave a short nod, and shut the door.

She sipped. The drink was tart, with a sweet after-flavor. The bubbles tickled her throat. She looked down the long expanse of seating. A small package, tied with a pink ribbon, lay a few seats down. She scooted down to see what it was.

The door to the limo opened.

She looked up, expecting that Ed had forgotten to mention something. Instead, with a smile on his face, was the man she had met with last month. He had never introduced himself, other than remind her to refer to himself, and the other doms at camp, as ‘Sir’.

“Hello, slut,” he greeted her warmly. “I hope you didn’t think I’d have you travel all the way to camp, alone?”

She swallowed the lump in her throat.

Suddenly reality rushed in. She watched him pour himself a glass of champagne, as she felt the limo pull away from the curb.