Dominus Litus IV

He gestured to the pile tied with the pink ribbon on the seat beside her.

“You did understand Ed’s directive?”

She swallowed nervously, licking her lips and tasting champagne. Quickly she scrolled back to what Ed had told her. Before the door had shut. Before the door had reopened, to admit this  man.

What had he said?

“You’ve forgotten already. Tsk. You’ll learn, eventually, to take such surprises in stride, and continue to perform as expected. Thankfully, I am a forgiving man, and I will allow you a certain amount of lenience. There will be a price to pay of course…there always is. But I’ll be gentle on you, since this is your first fuck-up.”

She blinked. The tone was mild, pleasant even. Yet they were firm words. She wondered, not for the first time, what the fuck she was doing.

Her nerves drew taut, as he sat and watched her. She knew what the mouse felt when a hawk sat on its tail. Very, very nervous.

“I’m to dress in these clothes. All of them.”

“Ver-y goood! Good slut.” He clapped a few short, loud times.  “Are you waiting for more of an invitation than that? You have agreed to obedience, if you recall. You did read my email this morning before you departed; I checked. You will find me to be as meticulous in managing my camp, as you are in your workplace duties.”

She looked surprised. He’d been checking up on her?

“You’ve been checking up on me?”

The words blurted out before she could stop them. Fucking impetuous mouth!

“Surely you don’t think I let just anyone  participate at this camp? I am very selective, slut. It is a very specialized camp. I’m interested in mixing and mingling people for optimum sexual, sensual, fantasy results. I’m not interested in making a buck or two by having a herd of sex-craved vultures at my camp.”

He looked…affronted.

“I didn’t mean that, exactly, Sir. I was just…surprised. I apologize for …” she trailed off. What, exactly, was she apologizing for?  “…um…insulting you, however unintentionally.”

He sat back on the leather seat, mollified. “Good girl. Now, how about we get to your obeying orders, hmm?”

It wasn’t like she’d never played with strangers before. There was that munch a few years ago, when she was invited to play in the Dark Room. Gods knew she’d been handled by a lot of people then!

This was very different.

More intimate.

More intimidating.

She wasn’t, after all, some pretty young thing, with a taut, sleek body. She had a few miles of life on her, to be sure.  Middle age had been kind to her, yet gravity had tugged inexorably on tits and belly.  Birds had danced on her eyes; maybe not full-fledged crows…but still.

She was so nervous, she could feel her belly flop. Yet he just sat there calmly. Looking at her like…like he *knew* she would obey.

Of course she would obey.

She tugged the ribbon. Into her lap spilled a black t-shirt, the kind that had no ribbing at the neck, so it hung and stretched across one shoulder, reminiscent of that Flasshdance movie a dozen or more years ago. It had the skimpiest excuse for sleeves. She held it up, looked at it mutely, meeting his eyes over it. The fabric was very soft.

It would tear, easily.

The skirt was long, also black. Folded into the folds was a slender leather belt, that was about a dozen sizes to small for her waist.



It was a collar.

She held it up and looked at the tag dangling from it.  Her play designations were in dark color on the white tag.


She knew that the numbers referred to the scenes she could be included in. They were bold, so as to be clearly visible to the Tops who would be roaming the grounds.

“You will recall that you may also be selected to be a private toy for a Top that claims you? And that if you are so selected, that your collar designation will change?”

She nodded. He held out his hand. She placed the collar in it, then, with a deep blush, began to tug her blouse from the waistband of her jeans. It was time to shed the manager, she knew, and begin the transformation to submissive slut. Inwardly, she cringed, really embarrassed. Worse, she knew that he understood her feelings. Knew that she was just on the edge of   humilation.  Her pussy gave a funny little lurch, and she felt the first signs of wetness there.

Her traitorous pussy knew already that her transformation had begun.