Dominus Litus VI

It was After.

After she had sucked his cock. After he had fucked her face. After the spanking, and the lap sitting, and her orgasm. He’d allowed her to put on the skirt, but still held her collar in his hand.

It was a quandary, to be sure. She’d been told to follow orders…and the orders had been to dress herself in the outfit provided…”all of it”, Ed had specified.  She wondered if this was some sort of test. But her ass still ached from the heavy spanking. And her pussy…ah that traitorous piece of female flesh. She lusted. Lusted for that lovely cock to come out to play again.

He had not cum in her, nor on her. Instead, he’d tucked himself away. She thought about making a smartass comment about wasting such  a lovely hard-on, but thought it wasn’t her rules she was playing by, but his.

And she didn’t totally understand his.

“Sir?”  Her voice softly broke the silence woven around them.

He looked down at her. “Slut?”

“Ed told me to put the entire outfit on, and …well, Sir, you’re holding the last part of it. I don’t want to disobey. Or offend. Or…” she trailed off. How such a competent person could become so …wishy-washy both appalled and amazed her.  She was almost…meek.

“Ah. I see. You have a bit of a quandary here, don’t you then?” At her quick nod of assent, he smiled. “We’ll hold off on this for a while, slut. Worry not, I won’t send you out into Camp without your proper affiliation.”

Solemnly, she nodded again. He gestured her over to his feet, told her to curl up and rest a while. She heard the click of a button and the sounds of  new age music filled the cabin.  She wasn’t sure why she was so tired, but the lulling motion of the car, his warmth, and the soft music soon put her to sleep.

While she slept, he fingered the collar. This was certainly an interesting situation.  He had not planned, not in the very far reaches of probability planned, to form any sort of attachments.

She…affected him. Dammit.

***********         **************         ************

She woke, groggy, disoriented. She was laying on the floor. A very comfortable floor. Something was digging into her side. Half-rising, she saw it was a shoe. With a foot and leg attached.

It flooded back to her where she was. He patted her head.

“Good timing, slut. We’re not far from camp now. Feeling a bit more refreshed?”

At her nod, he pointed towards the little fridge. “There’s some juice in there. And fruit. Put some on a plate for me, then serve yourself.” Scooting across the car, she found a beautiful fresh fruit salad. In the small cabinet beside the cooler, she found small bowls, carefully nestled in velvet.  Carefully she took one, and scooped out fruit for him.  She passed that to him, then the drink.

She took a round ball of melon, popping it into her mouth. It felt wonderful in her dry mouth.  He gestured her back to his side, and took her bowl. Slowly he fed her bits of fruit, never allowing her the entire piece, before he finished it.  She felt the stirrings of a completely different sort of hunger. Daringly, as he held out the next piece of strawberry, she let her lips encircle the entire piece of fruit, and his fingers holding it.

He laughed.

“Impetuous, are we slut?”

She slipped her lips back off fingers and fruit, slowly.  “I’m hungry for you, Sir.”

Rarely had she been so bold with someone she barely knew. She was a normally a very quiet submissive,  taking what was offered by whichever Top she was playing with at the time. But with this man? There was something very different about him.  He made her feel…safe. And very, very nervous.

At that moment, the car slowed perceptibly. It bumped, and jolted a bit, side to side.

“Ah, crossing onto our private road. It won’t be long now, slut.”

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a collar. It was not  the simple leather one from earlier. This one was made of heavy chain. The numbers were on it, each on a separate link.


She rose to her knees, heart thudding heavily, as he fastened the chain around her throat with a padlock. Turning the key in the lock, he held her chin, looking into her eyes.

“You will still play the scenes I have selected for you. But you will not lay in the bunkhouse with the other sluts. You will stay with me. As mine.  Do you accept?”

Their eyes held tight to each other.  How on earth could he have affected her so deeply, so quickly? She wondered that for a moment.  “I…” her voice broke.

 It had been a very, very long time since he’d collared a sub. And never after just a few meetings. Yet, here they were. He believed in listening to that deep inner voice. Some may call it god, others, experience or good sense. All he knew for certain was that something in him would dim if she refused.

She nodded. He smiled.

As the limo drew to a stop, his lips met hers. Light and tender at first, then hungrily, they fused to each other at this one single point of flesh meeting flesh.  Ed opened the door, pausing as he watched the scene unfolding. It was unexpected. And then again, not. Master had spoken of this woman on many occasions in the last month.


He murmured it against her lips as he ended the kiss, pushing her down to the floor.

“Leave your personal items here, slut. It’s time for camp.”

He exited the vehicle, gesturing to Ed to help her out as he strode off to an imposing ….mansion? In the woods?

She stared at his back as he moved up the steps, apparently forgetting her entirely. Her fingers toyed with the lock that rested just below her breastbone.

“Lucky girl,” said Ed blandly. “Come with me now.”

With a quick glance around, she hurried to keep up with him.

To be continued soon…