i dressed early, just a short while after arriving in the room. We’d driven together this time, something very out of the usual. He had his bags of toys, and I had mine. Remembering, i put the hairbrush on the counter next to my makeup bag.

i’m not stupid enough to put it out on the bed, you know! That fucking thing HURTS! So while i didn’t exactly hide  it…i didn’t put it out in open invitation.

He looks me over, nodding His approval.

. and…i feel…i feel alive, and special, slutty and beautiful. He puts the blindfold over my eyes, pushes me to the wall and starts. Denial of orgasms for 4 days is a lot for me. In seconds, His hand on my clit, his finger just pushing my lips apart, i cum, right into His cupped hand.  He laughs, calls me a slut. Lets me see the wad of cum in his hand.


He wipes it on my shoulder.

Next thing you know, my ass is getting whacked. Good, hard, firm swats. I never see the blows coming. He hits the same spot on my left cheek for like…100 times. Okay, He’ll tell you it was maybe 10. It only felt like 100 coz He hit so fucking hard! ON the right cheek? He hit all over the place. So now my ass is crooked. Usually I don’t mind blow-disparity. It’s a fucking turn on for me. But he managed to hit, on that poor left cheek, dead-on my “sit bone”…so I feel it every time my rump is in a chair.  Won’t that make yoga special?

There are tit clamps, and that fucking  hairbrush (yes, He found it!) , SFCT, and His bare hand. Hair pulling, breast pinching (and squeezing and biting). And poking. OMG. That Man pokes like…like …??? i’m at a loss for words! I have dozens (yes, dozens!) of  Master-finger-sized bruises all over my body from Him poking me. I’ve been sending Him texts for WEEKS that just said “poke”…usually when I hadn’t heard from Him in a while.

He’d promised retribution. I assumed He’d forget. Yeah. Right. You’re right, I know exactly what you are thinking now…”geeze nilla…you’re not usually that dumb a slut!”

Usually…no. But He’s been busy. And it was just a little thing. Not something He’d reallly, reallllly  remember. Right?

Payback, it is said, is a bitch. I’m here to tell you, payback is really a Dom. *nodding* A Dom with an extremely strong “poke”.

It was a good day. There were MANY adventures I don’t have my wits about me to fully tell. But some really big things happened. And lots of little ones too. He is a big, mean-assed Dom sometimes. And others? Sweet. Kind.  He kissed my mouth so tenderly.  And then He bit the shit out of my shoulder! Deeeeeep bites that will stay bruised for a week or more. The kind that hurt for days coz He got deep in the muscle. The kind that will make me whimper when I do a plank in yoga class. The kind that make me remember His mouth and teeth on my body with every arm movement…and make me wet all over again.

18 hours later….

This may sound funny, but overall, he was gentle with me. OH, i am plenty bruised. PLENTY sore. There are events that are yet to be processed, and approved by him for sharing. Stories and pictures to share…but all in good time.

I know, I feel your impatience! You’ll just have to add your voice to the chorus of pleas to get Him to allow me to tell you more…though I suspect He will allow much of the tale to be spoken…eventually.

(how’s that for a teaser, eh?!)