forced, pressured, nor tricked.


harmed, ignorant, nor unaware.

Not fantasy

~not any longer~

He spins a dirty tale

into reality.

He sets the stage, and finds


the One who will be his tool.


Not upset. Not unhappy.

I am ….happy

~ alive ~

so fucking alive!

The pictures roll through my mind,

not “me“…but

Master’s sex toy.

Sucking the dick

of this stranger, at the behest of my Master,

I am NOT less than before,

but wholly, completely, His.

This is my fantasy made real, Master’s gift to me, to U/us.

Eating the cock of a man whose face I do not know,

fulfilling the oft-dreamt desire

to be

so used~

this is me after all


a submissive slut.

A dirty girl.

A cunt.

And a sex toy!

Master, I love You

more than my words can ever say.

Thank You for this gift.