forced, pressured, nor tricked.


harmed, ignorant, nor unaware.

Not fantasy

~not any longer~

He spins a dirty tale

into reality.

He sets the stage, and finds


the One who will be his tool.


Not upset. Not unhappy.

I am ….happy

~ alive ~

so fucking alive!

The pictures roll through my mind,

not “me“…but

Master’s sex toy.

Sucking the dick

of this stranger, at the behest of my Master,

I am NOT less than before,

but wholly, completely, His.

This is my fantasy made real, Master’s gift to me, to U/us.

Eating the cock of a man whose face I do not know,

fulfilling the oft-dreamt desire

to be

so used~

this is me after all


a submissive slut.

A dirty girl.

A cunt.

And a sex toy!

Master, I love You

more than my words can ever say.

Thank You for this gift.

11 thoughts on “HNT ~ NOT!

    • 🙂
      ximena…that is a sweet sentiment! I’m not just a middle-aged housewife anymore, am I?

      Some might say how far I’ve fallen…but I know in truth how high I have soared…


    • yes…yes, exactly that. His gift to me. And it was not relationship-harming, which was my prime concern…instead, it was hot, and rich and exciting for us all.

      Thank you, my friend, for grokking it!


  1. oh Nilla, your words and pictures always make things in me heat up to uncontrollable smoldering temperatures. be still my throbbing nether reigns……

  2. If you want to know who the domain is, ask every Guy you see with a huge smile on his face. The picture sure was a good for a hard on. Tip

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