Bound and Gagged

The slip loop for the first knot slid over the shiny heel of her stiletto.  He’d cuffed her to the heavy steel hook in the centerbeam of the dungeon. Her arms were feeling a bit thick, her fingers tingled.

“You keep that fucking heel on the floor, you grok?”

She grokked.

He tugged the rope taut as He wove it up and around her calf twice, then just under her knee. As He pulled the rope to the front of her leg, He kicked out that foot, bending her knee up and quickly looping the loose end around her bent leg. The heel of the stiletto almost poked her ass. She felt Him fiddling, then the sudden tightening as He drew the rope tight.

The coil behind her knee pressed against the tender flesh just behind there, and she moaned a little.

“Hmm, that’s going to be a huge pain the ass in a while, isn’t it?”

She heard the amusement in His voice. Like He cared if it was uncomfortable. She rolled her eyes, and flinched as He flicked one bare nipple.

“OW!” Balanced on one thin six-inch heel, she daren’t move too much, lest she wind up dangling by her cuffed wrists. He flicked like a whip with those talented fingers; it stung when He did it.

It felt like hours, but was no more than a quarter-hour before her second leg was tied up and out, exposing her pussy, and leaving her swinging from the harness He’d built around her with the rope. She felt the comforting bite of it, cocooning her as she swung gently.

Reaching into His tool bag, He pulled out a pair of clamps.

With bells.

Oh how fucking embarrassing.

“Sir…must You?”

His eyebrow raised.

“Now that you mention it, slut, yes. And since you’re such a smart-mouthed bitch today, let me add another. He dug back into the bag; sure enough there was a third. Crossing to her, He affixed a clamp on her nipple, sliding the lock-ring higher, and higher until she grunted with the stress of the bite. They were small, but intense fuckers.

He made the second one even a bit tighter. She whimpered.  He took her leg, pushed her around so He stood facing her ass, and squatted. His fingers pinched her pussy lips, her clit.  His thumb traced the wetness oozing from her hole.

“What a fucking slut you are. All tied up and ready for cock, aren’t you?!”

As He chuckled, He fixed the last jingling clamp on her clit. It wasn’t as tight as her nipples, but she felt it.  He slid the blindfold over her eyes, and slapped her ass., then gave a hard shove.  Jingling as she swayed back and forth, she grew disoriented fast. Grabbing her extended leg, He shoved her hard in the opposite direction. She squealed, losing her equilibrium, and getting dizzy, as the bells jingled happily.

She lost sense of where He was, where she was, and she cried out when He grabbed her legs, bringing her to an abrupt halt. She felt her head spinning, her heart racing, her clit and nipples throbbing.

And then His cock was at her lips. “You complain too much, slut. Time for your Master to shut you up. Now you’re just as I like you…bound…and gagged.”

The sound of the jangling bells rang as merrily as his laughter as he silenced her with his cock.