Lazy Cunt

She’d been naughty.

Okay, perhaps worse than naughty. Disobedient. Mouthy.

He really hated the naughty. But he really, really disliked the mouthy. It had been a long week, with the house work, the…house work… work.

She was bored, and edging for a fight.

But she hadn’t expected him to take her by the hair, and drag her down cellar. She moaned. It fucking hurt! She went down the steps quickly, head canted to the side. He was pissed; it was pouring off of him in waves.  They paused as he fumbled with the padlock to the dungeon. He pitched the lock on the long toy table as he pulled her into the room. It landed with a clatter on the stack of toys that she’d meant to put away.

And hadn’t.

“I’m gonna ream your fucking ass!”  he growled at her, swinging her around and showing her the mess. “Put things in their proper place, slut. How many times do I need to tell you? Put this shit away…or I will and it won’t be up on the wall. I’ll pound that whip handle so far up your ass you’ll be walking like a fucking duck. He picked up a cane, and pulling her head back, slapped at her tit. It stung, even through the tee-shirt.

“Lift it fucking up.”

She obeyed, hoisting it up to her chin.

“Wap! Fwap! fwap!”

Each stinging slap against her tit made her hiss in pain, and squirm. His hold on her hair was unrelenting. It was stand there and take it or get her hair ripped out by the roots.

Her right tit was throbbing like a toothache when he threw the cane back onto the cluttered table.

“Over,” He barked, pulling her top half over the short horse. Finally he released her hair; only a dozen or so pulled out of her head as he walked around behind her. She yelped, but cried out louder as his hand swatted her ass hard. He fumbled under her, unfastening her shorts, and tugged them down. He left her purple lace panties.  In  a moment he had affixed one of the ankle cuffs to her ankle, widening her stance as she hung over the frame. She felt very vulnerable. Her pussy and ass were popped up, as her head and hands hung low over the frame he had specially made for this sort of play.

His feet came into her view, standing by her head. He looped a rope around her wrists, rough and quick. Looping it through the U-ring bolted to the floor, she was now unable to rise, unable to stop the inevitable “reaming” what ever the fuck that meant.

She heard him dialing his cell phone. What the fuck?

No. No. Not Edward. Ed had long had fantasies about fucking her; they had often joked about it. He’d kept it in abeyance as a potential punishment. Or so he’d said. She had assumed he was joking.

It wasn’t more than 5 minutes later that their neighbor came clattering down the steps of the cellar.

“Call it.” There was a sound, the clatter of a coin against the floor. “Tails,” said Edward.

“Tails it is. And tail you will have, my friend.  There it is…have at it.”

She was mortified. Way beyond mortified. There was a sharp slap against her ass. Her head was lifted at the same time, by her hair. She whimpered. Master’s cock was in front of her. Another slap on her ass, then she could feel the crotch of her panties tugged aside.

“I can’t wait. Man, I just can’t wait to fuck this pussy!”

She would have made a sarcastic rejoinder, but as if He knew it, he shoved his cock between her lips.

She felt the press of a cock against her pussy lips, and shivered. In seconds he was cramming his hot hard pole deep inside her fuck tunnel, even as her Master was doing the same in her mouth.

“Wait till Ralph gets here,” her Master said quietly. He looked down into her eyes.   “And Andy, and Billy, Joe, and Pete.  I just sent a text out to all my poker buddies. You’re going to be a verrry busy girl tonight, slut. And when you’re done being fucked in every fucking hole, stretched and filled with cum…you’ll go upstairs, clean up, and then bring your damned pussy back downstairs and clean up down here. Of course, the guys will still be here; or if they leave, they’ll likely come back. My, won’t you be busy, fulfilling yourself. Just laying down here and being filled with cock. You see, slut,   I’m done with the fuck ups and excuses. It’s time you learned, cunt, about the consequences of being a fucking lazy slut. You want to lay around all day? You got it. You’ll spend all of tonight, and as much time as anyone wants  tomorrow laying around, open and available for whomever wants to fuck you. We’ll see if your attitude has improved by Monday.”

“Well, I hope not,” grunted Ed. “I won’t be the neighbor calling to borrow just your lawn mower anymore…”

Master’s laugh was echoed in the pulse of his cock as he fucked down into her throat.  She wondered if he made that up to scare  her. She didn’t know if she could handle it, being fucked by all his friends. He’d always said her ass was his. Ed was hammering into her pussy, grunting each time his pelvis hit her ass, burying his shaft deep into her soft belly.

Upstairs she heard the backdoor slap shut, and footsteps crossing the kitchen floor over her head, even as her Master’s cock began to pulse in her throat.

“Every drop in your belly, my little whore.” She swallowed, loving the taste of him. Then swallowed the nerves that were building in her throat as she heard the backdoor slam shut again.

He hadn’t been kidding, after all.

“Master? Please?”

“Yes, you will please…every one of them.”