“Last night I masturbated. I pretended that her  His hand was touching my clit.”

Dru sighed. How fucking…..Boring.

All those other sex blogs she read had content.  And here she was, struggling to write all the dark and dastardly words down. On cyberpaper, fercrissakes. She looked at her blog header.


“Yeah. Right. Drusilla writes a whole lotta nuthin’!”

She was mad at herself. Every other sex blogger used those words. Cunt. Pussy, Dick. Asshole.

Taking a deep breath, she backed out the prior, lame-assed sentence, and  pounded out the words in her head…

“Why is this so fucking hard? I want to write the sexy stuff….but I’m struggling. I want this. I want to open up and let the dark stuff out. I’m NOT abnormal for feeling this way. Fuck!”

She sat and wrote what was really in her heart. Of lust and desire and wanting.

Frustrated, she hit what she thought was the “save” key. Instead, she published her very first post. Shutting her laptop without glancing at it, she went to bed and masturbated herself to sleep.


She woke, glad it was Saturday. The sun poured in through her window; she rolled over and pulled her pillow over her head. The robins outside her window had been busy, and cheerily called to one another.

Fucking birds.

She sat up, and slid off the side of her bed. Her thighs were sticky, her clit a bit tender. She’d had several O’s last night, all revolving around her fantasy man. Gods he turned her the fuck on.

Pee first, she thought, though she flicked on her computer as she went past it.

Relieved, she came back to the edge of the bed, pulling her laptop close. Well, time to see about finishing that very first blogpost. She couldn’t call herself a sex blogger if….

What the fuck?

She had a post up. She didn’t recall that. Not only that, but she had a comment, too.

Dear Dru… imagine my surprise finding you had a blog. I don’t think it a wise idea for you to post a blog with your name on it, on the internet. It’s far to easy to google people these days…which is how *I* found it. I can see we need to have a long and thoughtful conversation ASAP. Call me. Soon.  Nick.

She gasped.   Oh. My. Gawed. Her boss had found her one and only sex post.

And it was about him.

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      You are not stupid…just me trying to be clever!


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