15 Seconds

I begged. I might have whined just a wee bit.

“nilla, you are tired. you worked hard today with your house project. And more tomorrow. And the heat.
“Masterrrrrrrrr…I’m such a horny slut!”

“you were born horny nilla.”

“OH Master, puleeeeze?”


“Okay nilla, you get one O”

Then silence. I breathe a thank you and then silence. I let it go for a moment.


“Isn’t this the part where you ask Me about what conditions you may have this O under?”

“Oh, no, Master… a very wise Man once told me to take what I got and run with it, and don’t ask questions.”

He laughs. “you’re a smart slut.”

I laugh.  “Thank You, Master.”

“Now, the conditions are…” (I groan) “Shuddup, nilla”

(i giggle)

“You remember when I grab your pussy right there at the top, two fingers just inside your cunt, and pull up and squeeze the shit out of your clit?”

“Yes Master….(soft moan)…”  This always, always ALWAYS makes me cum, cum Hard, and often squirt. NO matter HOW many O’s I’ve had before.

Even when I lay there begging for Him to stop…that I can’t…don’t…have anything left…if He grabs me there and finger fucks me …I cum.

“I want you to do that when you work for your O…no. Wait.”

He pauses a moment, and I hear Him shift in his seat. “Get your dildo. NOW!”

He all but barks it at me. “Hurry up, slut. Got it?”

“Yes Master, got it…”

“Grab that pussy…GRAB IT!…Now FUCK.. fuck your cunt, you little whore…”

and I am UP UP over the edge, cumming like a crazed woman. Slut. Whatever.

I start to laugh, still so turned on, so pumped ….

“Oh Master, I came, came hard. Again…Your voice…the memory, the pull…”

There is a moment of silence.


“15 seconds, nilla. You little slut! It only took 15 seconds for you to cum.”

I giggle.

“Well, Master, I told you I was horny.”

“Yeah, well, you were born horny. Air makes you horny.” He is amused. I hear the laugh in his voice, the tenderness there, too. And the almost amazed head-shaking…I can hear that in His next comment, too. And it makes me smile.

“Little slut.”

14 thoughts on “15 Seconds

  1. ROFLOL!!!!! Oh, this cracked me up. Especially the “you’re always horny.” and “Air makes you horny”… Those could have come straight out of Wolf’s mouth! LOLOL…

    Wow…. 15 seconds. Wow.

    1. *grinning*

      He says that to me *all* the time…”air makes you horny, nilla…”

      I didn’t believe it myself, but HE was the one timing me. And I think it happens about that fast when He does it on playdates…And i haven’t even *talked* about His dripping hand…another day…


      1. oh yeah…sexy men are so awesome.

        and yeah, the dripping hand is a whole nuther tale! A funny one.


    1. I….think I’ll pass on contacting Guinness BOWR…*grin*…tho the face of the person getting the email…that might be worth the notoriety…


      1. *blush* what *is* it with you Doms and the whole embarrassment thing? Must be the summer air. Or just being Dommy.
        *nodding* That’s it. It’s just a Dom thing. *grin*
        Thank S.Sir…I …yeah. Geeze, I’m all flustered now.

        Shame on you…*grin*…


      2. 🙂

        thanks, awfully. But yes, very sure.

        (You Dom, you!)
        (you know I’m squirming here, right? sheesh!)


    1. Well, that’s certainly true…if I’d been walking. Instead we talked for a bit and I was told to go to sleep…and I did. 🙂


    1. see? It’s a training thing…you could tell that to your Sirs and Owners and Masters and Mistresses…can you beat nilla’s 15 second orgasm…?

      If at first you don’t succeed, of course, try, try again…*giggle*


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