The Almost End of me…


I did debate about sharing this here. Public venue and all that. But…being the attention whore I am (and you know us bloggers are exactly that)…and because I am so fucking FUCKING relieved…I will tell you my near-death story.

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away..oh wait, that’s another tale, isn’t it. Sorry Mr. Lucas! Okay, so…we’re remodeling here in nilla ville, and 99% of the work is falling on my shoulders. Room one is done with the work, now I’m putting it back together.

And when you do one room over, and it looks fabulous, you know that all the other rooms around it start to look …well, shabby. So I decided, as I was putting things back together in room A, to take apart and move things around in room B to start working on that one. This room is smaller, significantly so, but it may have more actual work to it (like major wall work). That’s okay, now that I’ve got three weeks of renov work under my belt, I’m stronger and feeling better about moving into phase 2.


There was major, mega-major electrical work done here 4-5 years ago, and we had an electric heater disconnected during that. We know need the extra space that we’d get by removing it and I think, what the hell…I’ll yank it now, and get it out of the way NOW. I get it off the wall after about 15 minutes of unscrewing…and find the wire is still attached.

I get my wire cutters and look at the thick white wire.

And then I hear the voice. The one that says “nilla…are you sure that the heater is disconnected?”

I’m home alone with my eldest, disabled son, and my two littles. And I think, what if the wire is live? And I cut it? BLAM! That’s what. And how awful would that be for my kids? And I thought of Master, not hearing from me and not knowing for a while.

And I listened to that voice.

My neighbor is an electrician. I went next door and asked him to come check it for me.

The fucking thing was live. 220 volts. Holy fuckaroni, Batman! Thankfully, C was able to disconnect it, kill it dead, and I got it out….but what a scare. His face, when he looked up at me and said “This is still live. 220 volts of live. Thank God you didn’t cut it.”


Master was a little freaked when I told Him about it tonight. So much so that He even gave me a Jubilation O (with restrictions…hell, He may be happy I’m still here, but He’s still a Dom!)

So, that’s the end of my little tale…without it being the end of my not-so-little tail!

Or as they say in storyland…”All’s well that ends well!”