The Almost End of me…


I did debate about sharing this here. Public venue and all that. But…being the attention whore I am (and you know us bloggers are exactly that)…and because I am so fucking FUCKING relieved…I will tell you my near-death story.

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away..oh wait, that’s another tale, isn’t it. Sorry Mr. Lucas! Okay, so…we’re remodeling here in nilla ville, and 99% of the work is falling on my shoulders. Room one is done with the work, now I’m putting it back together.

And when you do one room over, and it looks fabulous, you know that all the other rooms around it start to look …well, shabby. So I decided, as I was putting things back together in room A, to take apart and move things around in room B to start working on that one. This room is smaller, significantly so, but it may have more actual work to it (like major wall work). That’s okay, now that I’ve got three weeks of renov work under my belt, I’m stronger and feeling better about moving into phase 2.


There was major, mega-major electrical work done here 4-5 years ago, and we had an electric heater disconnected during that. We know need the extra space that we’d get by removing it and I think, what the hell…I’ll yank it now, and get it out of the way NOW. I get it off the wall after about 15 minutes of unscrewing…and find the wire is still attached.

I get my wire cutters and look at the thick white wire.

And then I hear the voice. The one that says “nilla…are you sure that the heater is disconnected?”

I’m home alone with my eldest, disabled son, and my two littles. And I think, what if the wire is live? And I cut it? BLAM! That’s what. And how awful would that be for my kids? And I thought of Master, not hearing from me and not knowing for a while.

And I listened to that voice.

My neighbor is an electrician. I went next door and asked him to come check it for me.

The fucking thing was live. 220 volts. Holy fuckaroni, Batman! Thankfully, C was able to disconnect it, kill it dead, and I got it out….but what a scare. His face, when he looked up at me and said “This is still live. 220 volts of live. Thank God you didn’t cut it.”


Master was a little freaked when I told Him about it tonight. So much so that He even gave me a Jubilation O (with restrictions…hell, He may be happy I’m still here, but He’s still a Dom!)

So, that’s the end of my little tale…without it being the end of my not-so-little tail!

Or as they say in storyland…”All’s well that ends well!”

27 thoughts on “The Almost End of me…

  1. Geeze Woman! Thank the Gods you checked!!!! Wolf says…in THAT voice…”Nilla, do you honestly believe that the O was more your Master’s relief than it was a reward for using your head? May you receive many more.”

    We are both very glad you are safe and alive.

    • Thanks Wolf, and ww…yeah, I was a very lucky gal…and okay, smart to check. It definitely send a ripple of fear through me…and Master.



      • Freaked Wolf right the F*ck out too. Remember, he’s an electrical engineer as well as a computer geek. He knows what that kind of a charge can do to you…

      • …and I have a very “wet” body (i once held a charge thingy from our old electrician and he looked at it, stupified and blurted out “WOW…are you WET!!!” and then blushed from his roots to his toes….


  2. Nilla! NEVER do any work on your household wiring before making DAMN WELL SURE the circuits are de-energized! Even if you have to cut power to the entire house! Having worked around electronics and electricity since my Navy days, your story sent a cold shiver down my spine.

    • Yes Sir!

      a verrrry valuable lesson learned, thankfully without tragic consequences. And You know I’ll never forget this again.


  3. Omigosh, ‘Nilla, thank goodness you’re ok!! Good grief. That could have been – omigosh. i don’t even want to think about it. Yikes…


    • That’s how I feel…don’t want to think about it, but want to remember to think twice…and double check all wires.


  4. This is a good eye opener for everyone reading your blog, renovations are only as good as the person doing the work and in this case the electrican who did the work prior, not so good. Glad you are safe. I’m glad to hear that there are two voices in your head, the common sense one and the sex starved slut one. Tip

  5. Let’s talk just for a second about what that would have done to you!!! From the shocks (yes shocks) I’ve received playing renovation Barbie: I’ve lost a fingernail, was diagnosed with amnesia (BS I say), and very closely almost shocked with those paddle thingies.

    Not fun to come to boobies jiggling in the commotion while the portable heart jumper boots up.

    • scary stuff, to be sure. I got shocked by a 110 when my screwdriver slipped when i was taking off a cover plate…I was in my young 20’s and it threw me 7 feet across the room. My arm tingled for hours. I’m a lot older now…but I’ve learned a valuable lesson.. all wires are live unless otherwise PROVEN dead.



  6. wow —
    good to know that voice in our heads can do more than criticize us!

    So glad you listened!

    and Booooo — other electrician!


    • yeah, he retired after that job…

      my inner critic has been silenced by my inner slut. Not 100% but the slutpower is strong in me… 🙂


  7. Glad everyone is OK and that you listened to your instincts, and a jubilation O to boot you can’t beat that.

  8. Back in my youth, when I still had hair, we remodeled the family funeral home, built in 1911 and wired in 1917. Nob and Tube wiring no less. The electrician found a wire hanging in the wall and grabbed it, knocked the power out in the entire building and he said he was going home to rest! I think my distrust of electric wiring dates from that event. Glad your lovely rear is still with us and the rest of you as well!

    • we used to have nob and tube here (our house was built in the early 1800’s)…and there were electrical panels in all different parts of the house. And I’ve learned a valuable lesson, to be sure!


    • Me too! I had the creepy shivers when I went to bed last night…not so much over dying, but because my two little kids would have found me…and that just…yeah. Am following the advice to always assume the wire is live until checking otherwise.

      Thanks LM.


    • Yes, I know you know about the bitch of remodeling! It was so exhausting and annoying that I decided to put off the dining room for this year. Still in a holding pattern for the last room..waiting for my electrician neighbor to come and wire for me…

      Your kitchen, btw…came out spectacular (and is there ANY worse room to renovate? I think not!)



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