Pulling out My Hair…

…one strand at a time.

My life is so frikking CRAZY. Or maybe it’s just my kids MAKING me crazy.


(that should be a calming yoga breath. In. Out. In. Out. But right now? It more closely resembles  hyperventilation. Just sayin’….)

Today, (Tuesday as I write this and 11 pm…hey, didn’t I say I wasn’t gonna do this anymore???) I had two things on my agenda. Okay, three. Four tops.

1. finish putting together the renovated room (hanging pictures, primarily)

check. That’s done.

2. write.

um. no.

3. ironing

it was a COLD day here in New England..it’s 55 just now, and my fans are off and next week is the 4th of July and last week it was almost 100 in my room (and outside) CRAZY!!!

but no, the ironing didn’t happen, either.

4. laundry.

nope. pleasant surprise here…with number 2 son away at camp this week, the laundry hasn’t needed to be done every damned day (He is such a Beau Brummell!)

What did happen was a LOT…and I mean a LOT of squabbling with the two youngers. The house is back together, basically…but things are in different places, the room looks totally different from before and I’m getting ready to jump into the next room…

There was poking.

Then punching.

Then screaming.

Then tantrums.

And that was just me.

heh. Just kidding.

Seriously, they were off the frikking wall today. Some days are like that…but when they happen, I really can’t do much of anything but supervise them closely.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day, with a trek into Beantown in the late afternoon (oh joy) (NOT).  And errands, and and and…

boring vanilla shit.

If this isn’t the saddest excuse for a sex blog post, I don’t know what is.

hmmm…sexy stuff?

I had a delightful conversation with Master Monday night, and we played a guessing game, and I wheedled an extra guess out of him…and won an Orgasm!

Of course He had to put his own sadistic stamp on it, with my clamps (which haven’t seen much action of late) and the chain in my mouth, and the vibe on high on my clit and all that good stuff…

All lead to a ginormous orgasm…

And I slept so wonderfully hard…it was wonderful.

And now, if I don’t get my ass in bed, I’m going to screw up my Tuesday orgasm…and that would suck giant turkey vulture balls.

(isn’t that a pretty picture? ewww. )


Okay, that’s gross. How about this picture instead?

Yeah…now *that’s* a sex blog post!

17 thoughts on “Pulling out My Hair…

  1. ROFLOL! Ah Nilla. You had vanillaville interrupt you. I had temperatures so high that my laptop wouldn’t work. Hope all goes well for you and you get back to writing lovely sexy stories soon!

    1. i did…and gosh you have been so hot where you live. I’ve been watching the fire warnings…and keeping you in my prayers that it continues to burn away from you guys.



      1. I appreciate the prayers. It is 98 in my house at the moment, even though we have partially cloudy skies. One of the big fires is north of us and oh my is it scary. It is just so very dry everywhere.

      2. gods sis, i hope it rains. Rains and rains. With la nina gone, perhaps you’ll get some relief but it’s a scary time. I am holding you in my thoughts and prayers…our mutual friends son has been sent to the front lines…scary stuff in tinder-dry conditions.



      3. We got some rain yesterday. It felt so good, we just stayed out in it. Wolf and I were doing yard work as it had clouded up. Granted, it wasn’t much rain… maybe 1/3 of an inch, but it felt so good!

  2. vanillaverse in New England, Heat wave out west, and I was dealing with Debby, and no she wasn’t a sub, far from it…LOL. Hope things smooth out for you and life gets back to it’s kinky normalcy.

    1. oh, I wondered if Debby was on your back too. That sucks. I’ve been watching the weather channel (I’m a weather junkie)…and its just been terrible for you all.

      Hope you don’t have too much water where you are…at least not in your home.


    1. already better. 🙂
      need vitamin.
      and more water.

      but overall already? oodles better!



  3. Okay, I can’t open picture #2, the one I want to see, #1, not so much. Even my superduper phone won’t show #2. This is a sure fire way to drive an old guy crazy. Glad you got some self play time with Sir B on the phone. Tip

      1. Damn woman, you need a longer chain or you are going to hurt your neck holding those babies up. Tip

  4. Giant, Turkey Vulture balls….hilarious, I hope the little ones are better today. I think it is going around.

    1. Today was better…but yeah…i’ve heard from a bunch of my friends…all their kids are off the wall. I might have to start schooling early just to get some peace…and give them something to do other than fight!


    1. Hi viemoira! i am late late late to your blog (vanilla life being what it is just now…but I’ll get there.) I’m looking really really looking forward to the suspension vid.

      Hugs, and thanks for the visiting today!


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