HNT Glazed


isn’t going to be what you think it is.

Not glazed from sexual overload from our last playdate,

nor that insensate feeling of helplessly falling into sub-space after hours of





Nope, not that kind of glazed at all.

Maybe if you saw my face when He told me which HNT to post, preempting my  regularly scheduled HNT post for this one…

maybe that look on my face was dazed.

And embarrassed.

But not “glazed”…

I am reminded of the time when puppy wrote of a similar edict from her Master.

You submissives out there…you understand.

They command.

We obey.

So today, per Master’s …..”request”… I offer…

nilla’s  “glazed” tits…

(oh the embarrassment…)


26 thoughts on “HNT Glazed

    1. LOL! Frosting? Yeah, but nail polish? ugh. Yes, it is paint, or more specifically, glazing compound. It goes over the colored wall and then is treated in a variety of different ways, depending on the finish you want.
      Great guess!…and that means you win…

      (yes, I’m gonna say it)

      the BOOBY prize!!! mwhahahahahaha!!!


      1. LOL! Oh Daaaayyyymn! I wondered when I saw the brush strokes. And before you ask…. once upon a time in a land far, far away…. (Spain), I got in a paint fight with friends. no sex, but lots of paint… 🙂 Best part of that day was the shower. 🙂

        Too bad you are so far away. Very hard to claim the prize via the Internet. 🙂

    1. grinning…He is a clever Master….made me do it despite my not wanting too…and look…turned out to be great fun for everyone!
      oh, and in case you didn’t see, it’s glazing compound, painted over a base color on the walls, and then textured (comb, brush, whatever) to give a sheen to the wall.

    1. laughing….you know, I was very unhappy that Master made me do this…but all the comments have made me laugh, and smile and …dayam that Man is good!

      It’s actually glaze, which is painted over a base color paint on the walls. I was in the middle of renovating, and Master wanted me to do this. And of course, I had to leave it on all day, under my clothing. Thankfully it wasn’t too itchy…and came right off in the shower!!



    1. this made me laugh out loud! Thanks sin!

      it’s glazing, goes over the base color on the wall, and has a sheen to it. It’s very lightly tinted a pale green-ish color…


      1. *smiling*

        I’m sure many of the things that happen in TTWD aren’t “good” for us…but it didn’t harm me a bit. T’was latex paint, and didn’t even stain my boobs…if they had, I’m sure He’d have wanted me to post that, too. And I did sweat a fair amount of it off while I worked.


  1. I’m thinking that a nice sugar glaze would work! Then, when pictures are taken the licking nibbling, biting and cumming could start! Very nice, thank your Master for sharing.

    1. When I read this?

      I …yeah….all kinds of hot and bothered, Bill. Shame on you! *giggle* What an idea…(nilla likes this idea very much!)….


    1. Good guess but…no, afraid not!

      It’s actually paint-glaze. It goes over a painted base coat on the walls, and then is “treated” (run a comb or brush through it for texturizing the wall)…and in my case was a soft, clear mint green!


      1. Nodding…I used to put it on my clit before I understood about this sort of thing! Thanks, glad you liked the color!


    1. *shakes head*

      good guess…but ….no.

      it’s actually glaze that is painted on the wall over a base coat. Master caught me mid-renovation…


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