Saturday Catch Up…and Sex!

It”s been quite a week, with kiddo’s here and there, finishing one project and LEAPING into another…I’m getting a workout, to be sure. I think I’ve been up and down that ladder of mine more in the last 3 weeks than in the last two years. And that includes hanging Christmas lights!!

Tuesday night I was supposed to have an O from Master. Well, He did give it, but after I wrote my blogpost, and crawled up the bed….I did the unthinkable.

I fell asleep.

Hard asleep.

Deep asleep.

I slept like a frigging ROCK, people!! I’ve been struggling with insomnia for the last several weeks, and BaM! I’m not sure why it was Tuesday that I had to do the catch-up sleep…but it meant that there was no possibility of an O when I finally roused myself a wee bit…at 12:33 a.m. You know the rule…the day ends at midnight, and if the O doesn’t happen by then, too bad, so denied and sad. There was also the thought in my head that Master would make me forgo having an O until our Friday night phone date.

Wednesday I started my bid to get Him to let me have a Wednesday night orgasm.  I texted. I cajoled. Not too much…it’s a fine line between begging and being  a total pain in the ass  for Him.  After a bit of teasing, and I admit this…some absolutely shameless  tit pictures (like this one)

that I took on the phone and sent to Him to soften Him up… (and this one)

and then this one…The pink shade on my nightstand lamp always makes the pictures have this rosy hue, and I can’t help but think of the song Roxanne by Sting/Police…You don’t have to put on the red light…(yes, I do!).

To my absolute surprise, He gave me an orgasm Wednesday night! He did call me a cunt, which I knew He would, knowing that I was being totally slutty in sending Him the cleavage shots I know He really likes. This is one of the few times I’ve actually used my rack to attempt to wheedle something from Him…usually I just send Him titpix to cheer Him up during the day. (His job is dead boring, from my perspective, anyway…!)

I’m almost ashamed it worked. Well, I had to remind Him that this week featured His insisted-on HNT shots, and that made Him so happy that He was swayed to give me the orgasm I was dying for.

He did say He is looking forward to seeing me in a few weeks for playtime…He told me  that one of His greatest pleasures was hurting me, followed by fucking me, and being sucked off.

That just gave me the wonderfulest thrill. He looks forward to beating me! I feel giddy.

Thank goodness it’s you-all reading this, you with your own forms of perversions…because I find it thrilling that He enjoys this so much…and really it’s the first time it’s ever come up like that before.

And it made my pussy throb even more.

And it makes me long for mid-July to get here sooner. (And of course, that just brings us closer to football season!! But I’m not going down that road today. Not going to talk about Tom Brady and his hair, or passes and touchdowns…nope!)

So I need to back up in time a bit, to the Wednesday night O. No, actually, to the MONDAY night O.  Because that’s when it happened….a dreadful faux pax, a fuck up of epic proportions!

Yes, the unthinkable occurred.

You know nilla is the *perfect* submissive, right? (I do try!) I do as instructed, ordered, told. I listen, I obey, I follow-through.


Sometimes?  I fuck up.

I’ve got an ongoing rule … after He gives me an O, I need to write Him an email detailing it. Not *right* after, but in the morning.  He wants to know how His little “fuck with nilla’s head” games have played out.  Did it bother me about the clothespins on my belly? How tough was the clit torture I had to do…etcetera.

If there are extenuating circumstances, I can text Him and explain. For instance, He knows I must leave for work very early on Saturdays now, and can’t do an O report about FNF until Saturday  night.  But if I don’t initiate a “why”…it better be there for Him.

And Tuesday? I forgot.


Just plain forgot.

Tuesday is our “lovey-dovey” He wasn’t going to punish me then…and I thought..He’d forget.

I did eventually do it…but it was verrah late…around 1130 p.m. so He didn’t see it until the next morning, Wednesday morning.

Rut. Roe.

Don’t ever, ever EVAH assume that your Dom/Domme has forgotten that you screwed up. EVAH!

Thursday is ZNN day…NO touching. None. Just sit and stew in my juices…and deal with all the horny-inspired texts He zings at me through the day. Just as I calm down from one…*bing* in comes the next. He keeps me stirred up all day, without laying a finger on me.

Except for this past Thursday.

Coz, yanno, fuck up.

“How’s your clit?” He asks me via text. He’d really had me torture it, and then the during the Wednesday O that He’d gifted me with, I’d done it again. So by Thursday, yes indeed, my clit was tender. Throbby. Sensitive.

And so I told Him all that.

“Well, we need to protect it then, nilla.”

Hmmm, I think. WTF? His next text makes it crystal.

“Put a band-aid over your clit. Start at 9 a.m. Change it every three hours. Send pix. Change every three hours until your ass is in bed…or midnight if you’re stupid enough to stay up that late.”

I’ll admit it here and now.

I read it again. And …again. And then I text Him back my meek response.. “Yes, Sir”.

So on a day when I am usually NOT allowed to touch, my fingers were fumbling against my clit…band-aid on…then the clit was being stimulated with every movement (devious Man!), then fingers fumbling 3 hours later to get the old bandaid off…and the new one on.

By day’s end? I was so wound up I was oozing pussy juice.  So much so that in my final pussy pic, Master had thought I’d cum. I hadn’t…but I was decidedly, and very visibly,  aroused.

And it was fucking ZNN….and it would be hours and hours and hours before I could get any sort of relief.

It’ll be a long, long time before I make that kind of fuck-up again. Rules. I have ’em. And I plan to follow them most carefully in the future!

18 thoughts on “Saturday Catch Up…and Sex!

  1. Oh Gods Nilla,

    Just when I think you’ve managed it all, you surprise me. LOL! I understand the falling asleep. BTDT… been embarrassed that I did so… mid caress no less… I’ve also learned the whole ‘they NEVER forget’. Got that loud and clear not so long ago. And yes, it is better to fess up than think they’ll forget.

    But band-aids? LOL… My brain went… little ones? big ones? plain? clear? cartoon covered? And then, there I was thinking about you having Bambi or Tinkerbell or Transformers on your clit…. I woke Wolf up laughing….

      1. *grin*

        gods. It was bad enough with spiderman, the hulk (that one really made Him laugh) and superman. Mick-key-cli—t



    1. Cartoon Superhero’s. Hulk. Superman. Spiderman. Gods. And…normal ones, tho He did threaten to put a big gauze one there if I fucked up and missed a “time to change the bandaid” time.


      It was disturbingly erotic.

      Brilliant. He is absolutely brilliant.


      1. Oh my god! Wolf about died laughing when I read him the post. The band-aides just did him in. Of course, I realized After he read it that he has now catalogued that little trick in the back of his mind…

        We better hope they never trade ideas.

      2. we must be verrrrah careful what we mention to our Doms…trust me on this. Just…trust me.



      3. OH believe me, I know. But… when he says in that voice…”If you’re going to laugh like that you HAVE to share with the rest of the class,”… I can’t refuse. geeep.

        We also have to be cautious when we write, because they get ideas…

    1. 🙂

      I don’t know where the ideas come from. Do you ‘spose there’s a Dom handbook we’re not privvy to?

      Sure kept Him in the front of my mind, desire runnin’ pretty high all day…and the punishment of no o at the end? twisted and brilliant!


  2. Oh I bet you’ll be very good about remembering to tell him from now on! I can’t imagine “bandaid on clit torture”… making it stay on~~? Glad it wasn’t me~~

    1. I have it on good authority to not do that mistake again…a day of aggravating (and stimulating) clit-aids sure made His point!


  3. I have to say, the pictures of your wonderful brea.., didn’t do any thing to soften me up, quite to opposite. Tip

    1. *giggling*

      omg, this made me laugh, out loud. Tip? I just adore you…you are the funniest Dom, for sure. Are you SURE you don’t want a blog all your own? Tips from Tip or somesuch? I’d follow it!


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