Sex! Bondage! Facefucking!

okay …

that was a lie.

A horrible lure to drag you in here to read today’s post.

Which, actually, has NONE of the above.

Well, except for FNF sex. When Master had me pulling my nipple so hard I thought it would fall off…and the pain tied into the pleasure in my pussy as He GROWLED at me to “FUCK, FUCK THAT PUSSY NOW!!! HARD!! HARDER!”

OH, yeah. I came, came hard in my own hand, left dripping and then, with two more orgasms, sticky with my sex juice.

Okay, so the above wasn’t a *total* lie. Some sex.

But none of the other. It’s comin’ though…It’s July (already?? Whoa!) and in three weeks we’ll be together and He’s promised me a beating, and much facefucking. I think it will be just Him, and just me…but these days I just don’t know. He’s having me write letters to yet another Dom, as well as a Domme…yes.

Letters of introduction.

And we’ve talked a lot about jealousy (funny how that mirrored all the sub-blog talk of the same topic)…and He’s flat-out told me that this sort of play doesn’t make Him jealous because He’s making the rules, setting the guidelines, and in total control of what happens.

It’s a power play, and He’s holding the reins, sucking it all in, and loving every moment of it.

As am I.

I love to feel His power this way. It’s just another way His dominance manifests, another way I serve Him, and He feeds me. I want to be a sex toy. I want to be slapped around, beaten and fucked. He wants to do those things to me, AND make me perform with others.

All part of the growth and challenge of being a D/s couple. And we’re talking about it in ways that pull us closer together. He is not closed to talking.  It’s been a fascinating process. I feel loved, and cared for.


It’s funny, when I started writing this, I thought I didn’t have anything at all to say, that this was going to be a piece of fluff to pass the time, since I am far too tired tonight to write anything of any merit.  This weekend is about work, and shuttling the teen to his volunteer gig…and stealing a wee bit of time to kiss my Master’s bearded face…and come home and work on still yet MORE home renovations…


and yet, surprisingly enough,  I always seem to be able to find something to talk about, INCLUDING sex! It’s not all that hard, really…He’s an incredibly sexy guy. And He helps me to feel sexy, sensual, and wanted.  I’m so tied up in Him, tangled and knotted closely to my Master…and it’s a really good thing.

Heart-bondage. Yeah, I got it.