20 thoughts on “HNT It’s Raining, Men…no…wait…that’s not rain…

  1. Mmmmmmm, so HOT – that feeling as it hits your tits – great, great picture, Nilla. Thank you for a delightful start to my day.

    • ANA!! I saw your comment and danced around! I’m so sorry I’ve been too busy to write…life is purely jam packed at the moment…but know you are often in my thoughts and hoping you are well…and joy-filled.

      Thanks for the lovely compliment,


    • It was a moment, to be sure. I felt very…used? Objectified?

      I sat there for a long while just like that, unmoving because I’d been told to stay…

      while the guest Dom took a shower. Packed up. Talked to Master, then left.

      Then and only then was I allowed to go clean up. It will be in my memories forever. An awesome feeling of total submission.



    • thanks nancy…

      i am a very lucky girl/slut…and thanks for the compliment… it was a sweet moment!


    • ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks Bill…hey, don’t you have pix to share? *giggling*…right…private show only…rats!


    • it was a fantasy made real, to be sure. I’ll never forget the experience, that’s for sure.



  2. Okay, now this is a good start. Lovely pictures, wait that’s plural we would need more than one. Go ahead and post more. Tip

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