It’s ZNN, Baby!

This is a post about not having a post.

I have a long list of reasons. No, actually, it’s not all that long. Just many time-consuming home renovations. Wife left with kids for camping with friends, and I get a wee bit of alone time. Eldest son is still here, or else I’d be having some super quality time with Master…but that’s not possible.

In between these two most major jobs here, I’ve taken time to write.  I’ve started a very long tentacle story, up to about 2500 words. I ‘m going to do something a bit different with that, and rather than chapter-izing it, I’m going to work on it until it is complete, and then publish it.  Yay nilla!

I’ve been working on chapters to Signed as well as The Mechanic…but nothing finished on either. So now you’re just stuck with real life nilla.

And gods I am so horny. So verrah, verrah horny. No touching.

Zero. Nada. Nyet.


Just writing that makes me horny. Sometimes I don’t understand why that makes me so hot, denial, I mean.   Maybe coz it’s His denial?  Maybe for the same reasons that aisha wakes up all sweaty and uncomfortable in her wrist cuffs sometimes…it’s the fact that we’re making this choice to be obedient to the wishes of our Masters and Sirs and Ma’ams, I guess.

Why doesn’t doing this for my wife feel as fun?

Coz with Master? Eventually there will be a sexual release for me. Even the half O that He made me take Tuesday night…that built me up for a mega release. He let me take the half O first, before the regular O….and I got right to the fucking edge of the cliff with the ground beginning to crumble away under my toes before I pulled away.

And lay there gasping and crying and trembling.

There’s that mandatory 2-minute cool-down…so that my body doesn’t geyser right into the Orgasm…and then when I started again, I had to kind of work to get back into the groove of it.

When I came, it was hard and intense and I squirted like a New York Harbor fire boat.  🙂

I told Him that in my O report the next day, and He says, “That’s part of why I give you half-O’s, little girl. To make the build up to the release more intense.”

I guess that’s true even if the release is days away. Actually, I know that’s true.

Tomorrow I will have FNF with Master and be as loud as I wanna! Woot! No kids or wife to overhear…my eldest’s room is far away from mine, no way the sound can carry.

The Master-necessitated diet is working well. The hardest part? Getting all the food into me. I eat very little, for a fat girl. A piece of toast for breakfast. Lots of tea. Almost zero water. Suddenly I’m eating veggies, and fruit (in moderation) and protein…my body is like…whoa! YAY! And I’m able to concentrate, and work harder, longer without getting those slumps when I need to nap. Although…tomorrow it’s supposed to be in the 90’s and that makes me feel kinda blech. No central air up here in Mass…we so rarely need it.

You know, I’m boring myself here. Let’s leave this post where we’re at and talk about something…I dunno…sexy? This was a sex blog when I opened it a while ago. Suddenly it’s a cure for insomnia!!

Master and nilla are hoping to get together in two short weeks…oh, gods so hoping there’s not a tropical event or something of that ilk to keep us from being two wild and crazy people.  And yanno….?

I did this thing.

Yeah, a thing.

It’s okay. You can roll your eyes. It’s the stupidest. Sincerely.

I know I’m a masochist, but this goes so far beyond…well, I did buy Him that fucking wooden spoon two years ago…

When preparing the house for all this renov work, I found this tiny little Venetian blind twirly thing. You know what I mean, right? It’s a lexan rod with flat sides like a pencil? But flexible. This one is around 10 inches or so long, and I thought.



It’s a bit of a longing from before I knew I was a masochistic slut.When reading other people’s adventures was a mega-turn on for me. Some of you may remember Doubleknot? She was a great inspiration to me, and very kind to a questioning nobody who was completely clueless as to the complexities of being a D/s couple. About masochism. About being someone’s property.

She described a scene she and her Owner had in a hotel. At that time they were both married to others and were heading off to hotels (sound familiar?)…and one day He pulled out a lexan rod from the blinds, and waled on her tits with it. She had pics…and despite my newbie shock, a dash of horror, even…when I got up from my chair, my seat was wet.

I was so new then. 🙂

But that image has stayed with me…forever, I guess. It’s been years since she wrote of that. When I found that mini wand, I thought, why not? And I offered it to Master last Sunday at Starbucks. Well, the idea of it, since I managed to forget the fucking thing at home.

He shook His head at me. Clearly amazed at my stupidity. And dismissed the idea. He explained why the little cane wouldn’t work for Him.  Not enough swing to a little thing like that. The thing that made it sting was the ability of the rod to flex.  Oh, sure, He could hit me hard enough to make it hurt, but the longer the cane, the better the pain.

Later, much later, He thanked me. Just out of the blue. “Thank you, nilla,”

I, of course, had dismissed the cane from my thoughts by then.

I looked at Him, blank. His finger was tapping His lip (a dangerous sign!) and He points it at me, and nods as if to Himself.

“Thank you for reminding me.” He says.

I look at Him with a question on my face.

“I’ll need to go down cellar.” He says, His eyes looking far away, but missing none of my puzzled reactions.

He knows He has my avid attention now. He only goes down cellar to check his water pump. What the fuck?

“I have one of those canes down cellar with some old blinds we stored down there. I’ll make sure I go down this week and bring one up, and put it with my toybag.”

And then He smiles that smile at me.

The “you’re so fucked, nilla” smile.

My pussy throbs, my heart races, and I kinda smile back with a weak grin. This is definitely a “to be continued” story…