Signed (12)

The man who “owned” her stood on the veranda looking out over the back yard.  Though it was hard to qualify something as large and varied as this place was as a mere “backyard”.  Reggie, still holding her by her elbow, though she’d tried twice to pull away, led her to His left elbow.

“Your slut, Sir,” he intoned, making an oddly old-man’s face at his boss, and making her Sir laugh.

“Droll, very droll, Reg. Like you were ever cut out to be a “butler”…” He shook his head, then wagged his fingers at his friend in a gesture of dismissal. “Very well, then, be off with you.”

Reggie turned sharply, bowed, and sailed off. The sounds of laughter could be heard from the kitchen, making Sir smile yet again. He tilted his head looking her up and down, making her want to cover her breasts, her vulva, with her hands. Fighting the urge, she stood proudly, shoulders back, chin thrust out pugnaciously.

“You know, slut, you even make standing naked a challenge. I wonder how much of that is pride, and how much of it is fear?”

Rage ran through her like wildfire. Afraid? He thought she was fucking afraid of him? The growl came from her belly, while red ran across her vision. Later, she never could recall the moment her body had flung itself at him. It wasn’t a  conscious decision, but suddenly she had her hands curled into fists, and was trying to pummel him.

He laughed at her paltry attempts to hit him.

“You fight like a girl,” He teased, slapping down one blow after another. It was time for her to be rid of this, this impotent anger that she felt towards her shithead husband. At the circumstances that had brought her here. Only when this part was done could they begin to forge a relationship. Because he had absolutely no intention for their agreement to last for only 30 days.

His lack of attention to her, as he envisioned waking up in the fall with her beside him, allowed her to smack the side of his ear with her left hand, and follow it fast with a jab to his face with her right. He winced at the first, and narrowly avoided the second. He couldn’t help it. He grinned. She was getting serious now. Reaching out, he tugged a nipple, smiling again as she squealed.  She punched towards his belly, then, and he dodged that blow, then  several more. He could see the frustration was building, as they parried with each other around the wide porch. He caught a quick glimpse of Reggie at the window, arms crossed, and teeth gleaming as he watched the “fight”.  The blow to his arm was light, but it brought her close enough that he could tug her nipple again. She launched herself at him with a growl that was feral. She was suddenly teeth and nails and hair, all attacking him. He staggered under her unexpected weight, then sat heavily on the rattan couch at the end of the verandah.

Her sharp teeth bit into his shoulder and he grunted. That fucking hurt!


She ignored him.

“Hey!” He tugged her hair, and grabbed her tit, squeezing slowly. The sudden increase of pain made her rear back, and he saw the tears begin to form.

“How dare you,” she howled at him, grabbing at his wrist, trying to release his grip on her breast. “How fucking DARE YOU treat me this way….” the last word ended in a sob, as she slid down his legs to land in a pile by his feet.

“How dare he do this to me, that fucking bastard. I hate him HATE HIM…”

She didn’t notice when he sat beside her and pulled her into his lap, cradling her gently as one would a cranky child. His hand stroked her hair, eventually tucking her head under his chin. Reg brought out water for them both, coming to sit beside them, rubbing her back. Eventually, her tears wound down to sniffles. Reg offered her a box of tissues and she blew her nose loudly.

And hiccupped.

The men smiled. The storm was passing.