HNT Bottom’s Up!

The infamous Whore Shoes


17 thoughts on “HNT Bottom’s Up!

  1. Lovely shot of a beautiful woman… And at the same time…Yeouch! Nilla, your ass bruises almost as much as the rest of you. Daaaaaymn woman! Oh…. and ouch!

    1. Yes…I bruise so wicked easily…even on mah butt! And this was a very light session…The bruises lasted just a week….the poke bruises He gave me later at Starbucks on my arm lasted longer than the butt-bruises!

      and thankyou for the lovely compliment. Especially since I know you are a beautiful woman yourself (inside, as well as out!)


    1. Thank you S.Sir…rosy red, turns into purple blue…yeah…all the colors of the rainbow, right on my ass!


    1. Thanks! I was so glad to finally wear them but they are BRUTAL to walk in. But when I’m upright? I’m almost 5’7″!!!


    1. nancy, your comment almost made tea snort out of my nose! Note to self…do not read comments while eating lunch!



    1. rut roe! Poor Donna! LOL…Yeah, that left cheek was hurty for a few days…usually I just plunk into a chair…but I sat quite carefully after that visit.


  2. Soo, you never did mention….were you wearing the whore shoes when your Master allowed the other Dom to use your mouth? Enquiring minds want to know. 🙂

    1. Great question monkey…and yes. I was. And while the guest Dom fucked me. I am not allowed to wear my “regular” slut shoes during any of these type of encounters. . . those are for Master, only.


    1. thanks precious pet! One of M’s few requirements, fishnet hose. And I love that I have elastic garters to hold them up since I cannot manage to attach regular garters to them. I’m such a doofus about it!


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