He will punish me.  I accept that. Ya do the crime, ya do the time. Just how it all will play out is unknown, but today I submitted to Him…I apologized, and didn’t argue, and accepted that He will have his own perspective on what happened, and that I must accept it.

I am not the boss of Him, it turns out. 🙂

He was amused by my deeper explanation of Carpe Vibum.  I came, I saw, I came again. (all because I seized the vibe!) Amusing Him is always a good sign.

And we’ve been talking a bit about Sunday. I have instructions on several items I must bring. A mascara wand. My hairbrush. The clamps and anal plugs.

He is planning to torture my feet. It is something that mystifies me, this need to attack my poor toes. But it makes me cringe. And curl them up in defense. I absolutely HATE it. I laugh and laugh and moan and laugh…

He’s planning on ice cubes run between my toes. Yes. Ice cubes. And then the toy He will bring.

A toothbrush.

Yes. Between the toes.

And finally…the mascara wand.

Yes. Between my poor, tormented toes.

You see? This submission thing sometimes isn’t all fun and orgasms.

Just sayin’….