Dirty Messages

I want to kneel at your feet, feel your hands in my hair, pressing me into your crotch.

I want to feel your cock in my my mouth, tasting of you. I want to suck you, please You, pleasure You.


This is the essence of what I wrote to Him tonight. Then this one *almost* left my phone;

I want to feel your hand squeezing my tots, making me moan and cry in pleasure and pain.

Rarely do I proofread before I send a text. Pretty erotic stuff, those squeezed tots, eh?


Thankfully, for whatever reason, I caught that one just before I sent it, and quickly changed it to “tits”.  Coz we know there is a world of difference between squeezed tots, and squeezed tits!

His response, incidentally, was that Mr. Belt is very much looking forward to our meeting on Sunday. And I can suck his buckle.

Which sent me off into gales of laughter.

Maybe the nervous kind.

In a minute I’m going to send one more sexy text, as I know He is heading to an early bed tonight.

“Master, I want to lick your belt….”


‘nite, all!

HNT wet

Sometimes, I think I can’t take the heat, the craving, the yearning.

He does that to me.

Makes me want.

Can you hear it?

The sizzle that burns inside me?

Or can you only see

the wet that seeps from me

as I burn.