Tentacles and more Tentacles

Not mine, mind you.

I have two that I’m working on, quite different, both inspired by people I love, Donna, and Master. However, “working” on writing just now is a misnomer. I’m not writing much by way of porn.

Still…I was first inspired to write tentacle sex by Will Crimson/Will Redbud…and you will find the first in a delightfully “terrible and terrifying” series here…really, it’s worth your while to go and read it if excellent tentacle porn does wild and nasty things to your libido. And yes, I’m almost ashamed to tell you how very much it turns me on.

Okay, if you’ve read story one, you may be interested in it’s follow up…here.  This continues the tale of the Terrible Tentacle’s…a most remarkably odd family you will never have seen before…

Story three is here…which I admit…I find this to be the most incredibly erotic of the three.

Will and I are email buddies, and He wrote to me earlier today to tell me that, while chapter 4 is still, like my own works, “in the keyboard”….a sudden new perverted idea occurred to him…and this is what it became…go here, please.  To me it is a perfectly awesome read…and I really hope you all pop over there and pay my good buddy a visit, and let him know how wonderfully terrible these delicious tales of his are.

Coz really?

I want more. You all can help me persuade him to do it.  You will, won’tcha? Puleeze?

for nilla?