So a slut was walking down the street one day….


Just a brief note so you all won’t think I fell off the face of the planet if you don’t see anything new here for a few days. I’m trying to find time to write…however. Real life has taken a turn for the crazy…and the next few weeks will be wild. Hoping to move on to stage two of  my next big renovation project; part one is done, and I’m waiting on the electrician to come do some wiring for new lighting…and the project is at a dead-stop until that happens.

This weekend will be full, with little computer time at all…I’ll be working on Saturday…I’m glad I have a job I like, but I actually have to get up crazy early to get there on time…and I don’t get home until 11 hours later-a 9 hour shift, and an hours commute each way…yup. Saturday is a non-writing day for me.

And Sunday. Aaahh, Sunday, Sunday…Master. nilla. and Mr. Belt.

A very different sort of trio for this playdate. No guest Dom…unless you count the presence of Mr. Belt. Punishment, and play. Tickles and torture. Sensual hugging, and sexual plundering.

Don’t worry if I’m not here Monday. It means I can’t sit to write…or the electrician showed up.  I’m personally hoping that he doesn’t make it until Wednesday so that I don’t have to try to start doing renov work while I’m  in subspace, AND recovering from what is promised to be a big ole ass whoopin’.

What do you bet he shows up promptly at 8:00 a.m.



But if he does, and the wiring is done, I’m going to have to start working on step two, step three and step four, which is likely to be a three-week process.

I’m not whining. I love to write, but by day’s end I’ll be too damned tired to write.

And, um, Master has been reminding me of late that I’m juggling a LOT of things, and that I had said I wouldn’t get hung up on publishing every day, yet I jumped right back into doing just that.

He won’t make it an order, but He has “suggested” twice, that I jump off the merry-go-round, and take a break.

And this time, when Master speaks? I’m listening!

I’ll be Bach.

Okay, I won’t. I compose erotica, not musical scores.



(you did hear the Arnie voice there, tho, didn’t cha? )