Midnight in the Empty, Deserted Pussy

It’s very nearly Sunday morning. Which, of course, makes it very, very late Saturday night. Certainly quite late for nilla.  A busy and full day,  with a 9 hour shift at work, a 2 hour commute, and home to do still yet more chores.

I was glad of the busy.

Because here I sit, at 11 before Sunday, thinking that soon…and so long from now…I will be with my Master.

Behind closed doors.



and Mr. Belt.

Oh dear. I wish I hadn’t thought of that last part. I’m more thinking about the last bit we talked about, a bit ago.

About how freaking long it’s been since I had an orgasm. (Stolen one Saturday night…and one small one on Tuesday). Almost 100 hours without any action.

How is a slut supposed to hold her slut-status with no slutty orgasms to crow about? Anyway.

He says “now you’re all primed (for Me)….just a few flicks on that clit, and you’ll be sprayin’ the wall like a New York fire boat!”

And then He laughs. That wonderful, sexy, tough-edged laugh.

If you’re a child of the 70’s and 80’s you may catch the oblique reference to this song in the title of this post:

Midnight at the Oasis

While my pussy may be empty and deserted? Just like that oasis, it is very, very wet.

He does that to me, every time.

As He would say… “neat, huh?”   🙂