HNT Awaiting Judgement

There is a whole long tale about Master and my playdate that is yet untold, and I’m circling all around it. For now, I’ll leave you with a teaser…

I bought a special outfit just for the punishment part of our day…an “apron” style chemise…it is totally backless. I put it on, and using the wall of mirror in the room, I took this picture, all while  Master was gone. You may recall that He’d had something come up that necessitated Him leaving me alone in the room.

And then, because I am a naughty girl at heart, I sent it to Him. Kind of a “see what You’re missing” thing.

Don’t ever do that. Just telling you from experience, and especially if you’re wearing an ass-baring outfit.

(If you zoom in close you might see the red marks on my butt from our “round One” time before He needed to leave. And we’ve already established that I’m not a skinny minny, so no cracks about the size of my ass. (see what I did there? Ass/crack? *giggle*))