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if you have trolled through my archives over the last two days, you may note that some of my prior posts with pix (how’s that for alliteration!?!) are now picture-less.

That is in response to this blogpost, and I thank Donna for sharing this. If you blog, and use pictures you MUST read this article. Any pix on my blog now are mine. taken by me, or by friends who know they are sharing here with me, excepting FFF stories, which I am supposing have been found on common sites? Hmmm…I might take them down, too. Better safe than sued, yanno?

And I have once more tried my hand at one sentence sex (thanks to Will Redbud at erotic writers (see blogroll on right))…and I think it is one of my funnier attempts. You can find it here…well, HERE! on my nilla swirled blog for oddments like that. It was written in one minute, too!

Have a great weekend, everyone. Tentacle sex story Saturday morning!

100 Words Sleepless

Tired ~

not sleeping well ~

thoughts of You haunting me

each time I lay my head upon my pillow.

I think of Your fingers in my hair, bending me, pulling me, moving me

at Your whim.

I flop onto my belly, and recall my hands, immobilized, and my ass, vulnerable.

Your hand hitting implacably on those round, pale cheeks, turning me red, and hot.

So hot.

Followed by the tenderest of caresses.

Pain, and pleasure

a heady drink that You

spoonfed to me,

making me thirsty for


I can’t sleep

for thinking of You,

but instead, smile,