URL for Blog Lawsuit/A Challenge from my Sadist

Sorry pervie peeps! I should proof read when I’m going to fast-publish a post (which is why I try to write ahead so I can do just that!)

Here is the URL for the blog I was mentioning in my Friday night post…


If you blog, and use pictures even from Google images…do read this. I believe all my images are down now, other than FFF pix. Still not sure what I’ll do with those.


Tonight after work, I had a few minutes with Master. It was awesome. It’s good to reconnect after a playtime. He pokes, and prods…and of course, tickles me.

And I begged for an O.

As I told Him…I rarely beg..He’s not all that fond of it. I whipped off my glasses, and flashed my baby-blues up at Him…I have reaaaally blue eyes, and I batted my lashes at Him, and begged pretty…

and He said “Oh, okay.”

Then He taps His lower lip.

Like, for two or three minutes.

“But not free, nilla. Here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. You get an O…and a half. Now, the half can come first…which will automatically eliminate ANY chance for an O on Sunday.  Or…”

He pauses, and looks deeply into my eyes. I wonder if He knows the full effect of that on me? How I feel shy, and loved. How I feel examined, and tenderly admired. Then He continues, changing the mood, bending the spell. Winding it around and around me, like a spider catches a fly in its web. He has me wound that tightly, too.

And wet. Did I mention He makes me wet?

“Or…you can have the full O first, the half-O second, which I KNOW you love, nilla (Insert rapid head-shake ‘no no no” here)…and have the chance of an Orgasm tomorrow (Sunday) night. That’s not a guarantee of an Orgasm….but it is a chance, which you don’t have at ALL if you take the half – orgasm first.”

So I sit, ready to go to bed, on the horny horns of a challenge. A roll of the Orgasm dice, thrown by Master.

What will I do?

(Oh, c’mon, you all know me. I know you’ll guess what I’ll do!)

6 thoughts on “URL for Blog Lawsuit/A Challenge from my Sadist

  1. Knowing you, you took the full O first and will literally stew in your own juices until Sunday and HOPE for that O. 🙂

    And thanks for the heads up on the blogs.

    • This is totally sad.

      Guess what? I put my head on my pillow (like around 945 p.m.) and fell asleep. Woke up at 630 a.m. O M G!!!

      I NeVER do that!! but I did. Think He’ll give me an O tonight?

      no fucking way, nilla, He says.

      (talk about if you snooze, you lose!)


  2. Nilla,

    I thought about the whole blog thing. I realized that there were some very salient points and I discussed them with Wolf. I’m sharing them here.

    First off, the blogger who was sued had her Real Name on the blog. She also is an author and Makes Money from her blog. Next, the photographer and his lawyer thought they’d hit a goldmine and mined it for all it’s worth. I’m sorry for her and it is a lesson for all bloggers to remember that we should pay attention to copywrite and try to use some sort of notification.


    Most of us, those that write erotica do so anonymously. We don’t use our real names. Some of us don’t even post from the ‘house’ computer. The worst that could happen to us is that our blog host could shut us down, or the artist could demand we take a pictures off. We earn $0.00 from our blogs. 25% of 0 is 0. There is no gain to go after small anonymous blogs.

    Our obscurity is our security. No, we can’t carry on as if nothing happened, nor does it mean that we must denude our blogs of art. We should give credit to those who made the art. Sometimes that is difficult. I’m still looking for who did the drawings I use, but I got them 15th-16th hand. The key here is effort. Try to find ‘safe art’, or credit who did it. Use it until you get a take down notice. Artists don’t have time to look through Every Single Blog on the Internet, nor do they have time and money to hire a lawyer to sue ever blog that used a piece of art. It’s just like the government does NOT have time to listen to every single phone call, read every email or transcribe every wire tap. It just isn’t realistic.

    In many ways another example is when your stories were lifted. You could yell, scream and hope they took them down, but for every one you found that had copied you, how many more were out there that you didn’t find. And in the end, we all tightened a few things up and that was about it.

    For example. According to law, you can make a copy of a CD or an LP to listen to for Your Use. It is Fair Use. We’ve been operating under that system since the tape cassettes. We all have bootleg copies of songs. However, look at the number of successful prosecutions versus the number of pirated songs and movies.

    So, for the time being, I am not stripping my blog of photos. I will make sure that there is a notice about art. If an artist can prove it is his art, and asks me to either pay for it or take it down, I will take it down. However, if Joe Blow emails me and screams that I’m depriving him of income without proof that it is his art…. I will do nothing. There are much easier targets out there, including anyone and Everyone who shares a meme on Facebook, Google + and Twitter.

    Oh, and I’m not getting rid of my cassette tapes of Gordon Lightfoot either, because in the background, you can hear my grandma talking. She’s been gone for 12 years.

    • 🙂

      I luff Gordon Lightfoot…and having your nana’s voice in the background? Makes it even more precious.

      And I mostly do agree with you on all your points. It’s just that…in that one in a million chance. A confluence of events that would be pretty fucking catastrophic for me if it ever happened. And yeah, I don’t make a penny on my blog…that’s not the purpose of it…but still…

      I’m just coward enough that I’d rather let my words paint the stories, or take the pix myself…than take any chance of being sued.

      Thanks for adding some really excellent points to the subject, however!!


      • I am glad you understand me. I simply could not NOT say something. Especially after I told Wolf about it and his first reaction was “Kill the lawyer”.

        And I understand your caution. You will note that my favorite ladies are down. (pout). I’m waiting for the artist to get back to me. If I can’t use them… oh well.


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