Head tossing. Moaning. Struggles to get away.

All fruitless endeavors.


I was stuck, His elbow on my hair, His arm holding me, my arms cuffed and tied above my head as I lay, pinned open. My tits were pinched, twisted, slapped, squished, and bitten.

His hand falls with steady, measured blows.




My breath comes out in short gasping breaths. H=u-r=t=s….moan..moan..oho ohhhhh…

Can’t close my legs to shut Him away. He hits a bit harder…




Now I moan in earnest. It goes from subtle sexual pain, to pure pain. I feel the lips of my pussy swelling even more.

It’s the end of playtime.

Time for “nilla quickies” as Master calls them. When I am no longer capable of rational speech. When I am moaning and whimpering and “speaking in unknown languages” which are “senseless, but cute,” as He says it.

In my head I’m saying I can’t.

I can’t.

I simply cannot cum anymore.

The bed is soaked with my juices. I’ve had most of a sports drink, several glasses of water…but I’m done.

Can’t. Cum. Anymore.

When my pussy is one steady throbbing mass of flesh. Feels swollen like…like a grapefruit is between my thighs.  Yet as His fingers wander down through my folds…

“You’re WET! You slut!” and He’ll chuckle that evil chuckle of His, and start to caress my tender clit.

You know, the one He’s just finished pummeling with pussy smacks?

Yeah, that one.

I can’t move, can’t get away…just have to take it. I say nooooooo….and He laughs….and slips His fingers inside me.

And I rise into each stroke..He rubs my spots…all the spots…then grabs the top of my pussy, squeezing the tender flesh, my lips, my clit, the tender sexual spot just inside…


I cum.

And lay, tears leaking from my eyes, as my pussy, that traitor, twitches and clenches on His fingers…and wets Him.

“See, I knew it.”

And then He’ll start stroking again. Sometimes even as I’m cumming He’ll be stroking, and fucking. He might pinch my clit and a nipple simultaneously. Or bite and suck that nipple so painfully, as He jabs His fingers into me, taking me rough and brutally, the way I like it.

I cum hard.

Then at the end. My end.

There is nothing.

Pussy is dry.

“Ssshhhh….” He whispers. “I know there’s another in here. It’s hiding. But it’s in there….”


“cum.” He says, His voice implacable.

It’s the only clear thing I remember. It is a lifeboat in a sea of sensation.


I obey, and sink into darkness.