As if the fist tightly holding her hair wasn’t enough, he reached out and plucked at her protruding nipple, Led across the room this way was the height of humiliation. Her cheeks flushed, her breath shortened, and a wave of sick heat ran through her.

“Kneel” The word was bitten off firmly, and she felt herself sinking down. The hands held for a moment, tugging hair and nipple, before releasing her.

The short, sharp slap on her cheek startled more than it hurt.

“Open.” It seemed that he would only make one word demands of her. She opened her mouth. His finger reached inside, coursing around the warm wet cavity, touching tongue, teeth,  then thrusting down towards the back of her throat until she gagged.

He laughed.

“We’ll work on that. Amusing though it may be now, I will grow tired of it in time.  You’ll learn to accommodate me. There are things you will be taught…in good time.”

Again the wave of humiliation swept over her. To be found lacking was always disheartening. She knelt silently on the floor as he walked around her, as a lone tear slipped from her.

No way! He wasn’t going to make her cry. No fucking way. She swallowed hard, and shook her head.


She heard the amazement in his voice.

He came in front of her, squatted down and looked her in the eye.  She saw him notice the tear, then felt the burning heat of his gaze.

“I won’t have you unwilling. It is your choice.”

He rose, walked out of her view.

“You will stay…and learn. Explore the wonders of the human condition. The bite of the flesh as you are hit. The sweet release of orgasms. The  rank scent of well fucked bodies, the sweat and snot, and cum that coat you after you’ve been used.”

She heard his footsteps behind her, pacing. Her heart thumped hard in her chest. His words painted pictures that she had yearned for.

“Or…you may choose to rise now, and go. Go back to your typing, your proper skirts, your rare peck on the cheek from a lover. Your trips to the grocer. All the things you have done right along, that don’t thrill, but comfort. ”

She knelt, knees hurting a bit now. She wasn’t brave. She wasn’t wild. She wasn’t…

She stopped herself.

She was only what she allowed herself to become. In the past, perhaps, she had been none of those things. But she was here. That was brave. She was dressed in nearly nothing, meeting a stranger that she had only heretofore emailed with.

She had allowed him to pull her around by her nipple.

She bowed her head, shook it gently.

“I didn’t want you to see me cry.”

“Ah, but I will. And will take great pleasure in it, little one.”

“Please Sir, if you will allow it….I choose to stay.”

“It’s a good start, little one. Then….stay.”

The door closed behind her, leaving her alone with her thoughts.

But she would never be truly alone, again.