Friday night half-fucked

He has spent time since our last playdate playing with my ass. There were those fucking anal beads during playtime…first the small ones…then the bigger ones, then the double insertion biiiig vibe…omg…I cum buckets when He does that one…

and then His cock.

He fucked me differently, laying atop me…and I found it very comforting. It wasn’t a raucous fuck, but a loooong, steady one. And I came. And came, and came…totally saturated the bed underneath me…

This weekend will be two weeks since we played. And any night that He’s let me fuck around, or demanded the infamous half-orgasm…it’s been with a plug up my butt.

He did that a lot after collaring me, remember? And suddenly…it’s baaaack…

and I am not sure how I feel about it.

Submissive, and controlled, to be sure. There is nothing like a hunk o’ rubber up your poop chute to make you feel out of control of what’s happening to you, and make you realize that someone else is driving the car.

So it’s Friday night, and we’ve had our phone sex time…and I got half-fucked. He wanted to hear the things I say, the noises and grunts of agony as I pull the vibe away and let the Orgasm fade before I cum.

Fucking BASTARD!

Oh, and once wasn’t enough. He had to hear it again. And then, when things had calmed down, didn’t He have me put the vibe on HIGH and run it up and down my pussy lips, pressing it against my aching, needy clit?

“Master!” I yelp. “When I push it down, it makes the anal plug vibrate!”

“Yeah, I know”  He says. “That’s kind of the point nilla. Now, turn it off and go to bed.”

It won’t be a restless night…He’s ordered me to sleep. And I’m tired. And I have to get up early tomorrow (Saturday) and head off to work…and when He says the magic words? I always fall deeply asleep.

Catch you all on the flipside of the weekend!