Tanked (6)

(this is a micro chapter…sorry, all I have time for today! ~n~)

“Wider.” His words were a soft, rude grunt. There was the sounds of squirming, of wire coat hangers squeeing across the closet pole, the crunch of plastic-covered clothing. Hooking his arm under her leg, he boosted her up enough to make contact.

She moaned at the feel of the fat cock poised at her entrance. Pressing down with her pelvis, it ground and slid along her sopping cleft, slipping up and twanging her clit, before pressing past and up to her belly. They moaned in unison as he missed the mark.

“Up” he grunted, “fucking hurry…. up…”

She lifted her torso, and using the hand that wasn’t gripping his shoulder for support, grabbed at his thick shaft, and pressed the swollen, weeping head against her opening. Fingertips kept him aimed correctly as she leaned down, dropping her pelvis to encase his cock with her swollen, dripping pussy.

He hefted her knee up, urgent in his rabid need. He slid home, thick rod meeting wanton flesh. She growled, and shimmied down on him, screwing him deeper into her hot body. Her fingers turned to claws, she reached up under his t-shirt, and tore at his chest. His nipples rose as she raked them, and giving into the beast raging inside of him, he slammed her back against the wall and pounded into her, savagely plundering.

Her growls turned to whimpers, eyes closed, but rolling  up in her head at the pleasure of being so well used. Her pussy made sucking noises in the darkness with every thrust, unwilling to have her invader leave for even a moment.

Fully buried in her snatch, he ground his hips, rubbing his belly against hers, the thick swatch of his hair tickling her and kindling the first orgasm. It rolled through her like a wave, a tsunami of sensation as she succumbed to the pleasure.

Hot and thick, his cum boiled up from his toes, pumped by his balls and pressed through the thick tube of his shaft. His seed sprayed, geyser-like, from the engorged head of his cock. Her belly was filled, quivering as she milked him with her own convulsions.

Wordlessly, he pushed her off his spent cock, ignoring the sound of her hitting the back wall, sprawling there. Opening the closet door a bit, finding no one around, Wyeth slipped out of the closet, leaving the catering wench to find her own way back to the kitchen.