Tuesday I was in a mood.

Not a bad mood, not necessarily. Just…moody. Thinking about Master a lot, and that’s sometimes dangerous. Coz I get all turned on, thinking about past sexploits. And sometimes, I get a bit…um…annoyed with Him.

I know, hard to imagine, yes? A sweetly submissive gal, annoyed by her Dom?

So I sent Him this flurry of texts over the course of an hour. Mind you, this was out of the clear blue sky for Him.

And why shouldn’t I love You? Hmmmm?

I mean…aren’t You awesome?

And sexy. Oh aren’t You sexy? That’s a shallow reason to love You…but it is a factor…

And why wouldn’t I love You? Funniest guy I know. Sarcastic and smart as a whip…oops…there i go, delving into sex talk again…!

And how could I not love You for being the Dom i needed, the guide through these murky D/s waters…and the one who was ready to catch me when i finally took the

Leap? We both know that took some pretty strong arms …*smile*…how could i not love You?

About two hours after I sent that last text, He responds to me with:

what in the HELL are you drinking today?

Which of course made me laugh, out loud.

i dunno…i was …just…’splainin’ is all…

…just thinking about You and your love phobia.

And of course He doesn’t have a “love phobia”…He’s just quiet and low-key about it. He shows His love in different ways. He’s a strong, determined Man…and He does not wear His heart on His sleeve.

So to cap off the day I sent Him this pic, which is another of those teaser shots that I took during our last play day, when He was stuck outside with His car, waiting for the tow truck (other pix  here if you missed it)

to which He replied,

you do give good belt, nilla…

Mood, over.