Tanked (8)

She paced back and forth, cupping her elbows with each hand.  She’d circled the tank twice. She’d seen Sid rise, his aquamarine eyes looking at her quizzically, it seemed.

That kiss. It had sizzled all the way to her toes. She hated him. He was a perv. A pain in the fucking ass. 

So, she wondered, why hadn’t she slapped his smug face after they broke apart? Why had she stood there for long seconds, looking up into his eyes, feeling that…that.. thick, heavy heat in her belly. There was no way a perv like him turned her on.

And he was smug.

She hated smug guys. Okay, some people might call “smug” by another name, like ‘confident’ or ‘self-aware’, or even ‘capable’. She wasn’t buying it. He was smug. She’d stepped back, eyes locked on his, lips burning from the pressure of his. And the nipping of teeth. Her mouth tasted of him.

He moved one hand, and she evaded it. Turning, she all but ran down the hallway to the stairs. She’d half-expected him to follow, but he hadn’t. After all, she was just a quick fuck for him. She shook her head. Damned if she was going to be a notch in some asshat’s belt.

She was annoyed. Angry. Horny. Annoyed. Just annoyed. Not horny. No. As if it would help, she shook her head. She paced over to the tank, leaned over.

“I’m coming, big guy.”

She saw him fanning his tentacles, furling and unfurling them, before jetting himself downward. He was nearly garnet red today, and she wondered if squids…er…octopi…molted the way snakes or ducks did. Perhaps that would explain the deepening of the color? Mr. Withers didn’t seem at all upset by it, despite her pointing it out to him several times.

Just as she reached down to peel off her dress, the elevator doors opened.  Of course.

“What now, perv-man?” she said, going on the attack. He held a can of energy drink. He ignored her remark.

“Dad sent this up, suggested it might give you bit more energy. He said you looked….strained.”

She frowned. Strained? She was tired. And being with these three men was exhausting.

“He’s an old man, Casey. Humor him.” He’d never used her name before, and the sound of it from those lips sent a stab of lust right through her clit.  Which made her frown. He leaned against the side of the tank, not far from her. He set down the drink, pushed it towards her with one finger. “I’ll even promise to not touch you while you drink it.” He raised a sardonic brow. “You’re not scared of me, after all. We both know what happened downstairs, and it wasn’t fear. Nor was it…disinterest I felt there,  inside my mouth. Felt more like …your tongue. And then there were your nipples…”

“Cut it out!” She blushed, furiously. Her nipples throbbed and rose. Snatching up the drink, she quaffed it down quickly. He very obviously oogled her tits as she drank. She wished she didn’t feel the hard slam of lust deep in her belly, like a coil twisting round and round. Her pussy swelled, imagining that thick, hard cock pressing inside her cleft, pressing hard.

He wouldn’t be a gentle, easy fuck.

No, she was sure he’d be a hard, rough, dark and dirty fuck. Finishing the drink, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, tossed the can back at him. She needed to not think about William and fucking in the same thought.

“There, you can take the can back to Daddy and tell him that I complied.”

“Thought you were heading into the tank?”

“I am. As soon as you disappear.”

She gritted her teeth as he smiled that smile again. The smarmy one. The smug one. She wanted to punch him so badly that her fingers curled up into little fists.

“Nah. I’ll just hang out up here and make sure you don’t fall asleep in the tank. Wouldn’t want you to drown…”

What else he was going to say was cut off as the door opened. Dominique, the maid, came up to them. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to see she had the hots, bigtime, for William. His expression cleared, dropping in stern-ish lines that brought to mind his father.

“‘scuse me, William, but your father asked me to give you this note.” She made a show of tugging a folded piece of paper from her boobs, handing it to him and dragging her finger across the back of his hand. He ignored her, opening the note and reading it. Tugging  a pen from his shirt pocket, he wrote a fast note then handed it back to her.

“You can give this back to him.” She continued to stand looking up at him, taking long, slow, deep breaths. He didn’t so much as glance at the heaving bosom.  Casey was amazed that he wasn’t taking the opportunity to leer at the young woman. She could see the dismay cross her face, as she turned reluctantly and headed back to the elevator. The doors closed, leaving them alone once more.

He glanced at Casey, understanding her surprise.

“I don’t fuck the hired help.” His tone was curt. It was the first time she’d ever seen him this way, and she couldn’t wait to tweek him on it.

“Really? All that free tit just waving under your face, and you were uninterested? Go ahead, tell me another joke!” And she laughed, insultingly.

He glared. “Never a good idea to mix business and pleasure. She’d lose her job when I decided I was done fucking her. And she is not my type. She’s far too…obvious. Besides, I happen to know she’s been fucking my brother, the cook, and the gardener’s assistant.”

She blinked. Really? The girl had looked …well. If not innocent, perhaps not quite so…wanton? A thought occurred to her.

“Hey! You kissed me. I’m hired help here…”

He shook his head, that smile at the edge of his mouth again. The one she wanted to kiss…um…slap…away.

“You are many things, Casey. But not merely ‘hired help’.”

She swayed, feeling funny. Gods she was so tired. And her skin burned. She flapped her hand at him. As she pulled her dress up over her head, baring her body to him, she failed to notice him look at his watch.

It was time.


(i heard that…the sound of voices yelling “nilla! for fuck’s sake!”…but just like a delayed/deferred orgasm…it’s better for the wait… come see me tomorrow…for as we all know…good things cum to those who wait! *unrepentant grin*  ~n~)