I Know. Really.

I hear the sounds of disappointment. It’s Sunday. A lay-abed day for most of us, and leisure time to sit and masturbate read nilla’s grand finale.

You open your browser, (or email, if you’re subscribed to that) and …it’s not there. I know. Really. WTF, nilla. If you need masturbation material, there are a plethora of stories here… or go back and read yesterday’s!

An 11 hour work day has done me in. Afterwards, Master time. Just a wee bit.

And I’m a bit down in the dumps, you see.

We’ve had to postpone our playtime.

Life has suddenly become “over-full” for both of us and the timing means that we *both* needed to postpone. It was supposed to be a week from tomorrow. We’ll get playtime in mid-September, which isn’t that far away, really. (Or so I keep telling myself.)

And….and I keep getting these little “touches” after work on Saturdays. It’s been nice, even it is isn’t “enough”… I mean…really…

Is it EVER enough, subsisters/subbrothers?

Of course it’s not!

Next weekend there won’t be that “touch” nor the following one. *gulp* I guess I didn’t realize that today would be “it”. Wow. Um. Okay, now that I’ve just totally depressed myself…

On top of all *that* stuff…for fucks sake….talk about stoopid slut tricks!

Why do I keep forgetting that this isn’t a vanilla dynamic? Um. Geeze. Put my foot in it today, bigtime. We had a great playtime Friday night. Two O’s. Lovely after 3 or nearly 4 days, without one. I know there are some of you reading this who’ll be saying ‘nilla, you are such a spoiled slut’  but it’s the nature of our dynamic!

*dramatic sigh*

OH, okay, I am a spoiled slut, too!

Yeah. So?


But…I digress. So there I was, basking in the glow of 2 orgasms. And history is on my side here, pervie friends. He almost always give me 3 orgasms during Friday night phone sex. Like…99% of the time.

And He didn’t stop me from playing with my vibe after the 2nd orgasm. I think He knew I was playing with it. And getting all turned on. He asked me at one point if I was wet. (Yes, kind of like asking if a tropical rain forest is wet, right?) and I said ‘yes, Master’ and He laughed….

and then told me to put away my toys.

Well. Fuck.

But. I was a good girl. No pouting. I put them away. And spent the rest of the  night all stirred up, all wriggly and later, drenched. So wet that I woke from a sound sleep. Pussy honey all over my thighs, my ass, and of course, my pussy.

It was the same when I woke at 530 this morning to get ready for work. Soaked. Dripping. Wanton.

Drove to work feeling the throb of my clit against the seam in my jeans. And so horny through the early morning. Eventually I texted Him.

“So Master, I’m wicked horny. I only got 2 orgasms last night, yanno? Just sayin…”

He zings back

“Just” 2 – selfish spoiled slut.

Rut roe.

I heard more about that at our meet later this evening. I’ve officially taken the word “only” out of my speaking-to-Master vocabulary. The word “Only” may have an “O” at the beginning of it…but it has a big, fat zero after it’s been spoken/texted/typed to Master.

so yeah. No O.

Live and learn and be horny. Some lessons are really hard. Like that expression “life punishes first, teaches second” or some such.  I’m too tired and horny to go look it up.

I’m going to be horny for a while, I think. Isn’t that just sad? (and, yes, stupid, too)

I know…I’m not in charge, I’m not an equal, I’m a submissive to my Master.

Despite being a pretty smart slut? Sometimes I just forget.


I know. Really?