Tanked (9)

She was feeling a bit woozy. Not surprising after all those wet dreams during the night. And gods she was so fucking horny. She blamed William for that, for his fucking sexy mouth, for kissing her in the hallway, for breathing, for fucks sake.

She glared at him as he watched her strip, then allowed herself the vanity of sauntering so that her hips swayed, so that her swollen pussy lips rubbed together, so that her full breasts bobbled. She climbed the short steps up to the rim of the tank, and yelped, almost falling forward as his hands grabbed her hips.

Her fingers wrapped around the silver railings on each side of her, as his hands slid around her waist, and up to her tits. He cupped them, lifting them as if weighing them. He bit her shoulder, hard, making her yelp, his fingers finding her nipples swollen and begging for his touch. He licked at the bite he’d made on her flesh, fingers pinching hard on her hard little buds. She knew there would be a mark there. It throbbed in time with the pain in her tits, the pleasure leaking from her pussy.

She so fucking hated him, the perv!

He let her go, pushing her gently between the shoulder blades. She slid somewhat bonelessly down the steps to stand,   legs quivery with the unexpected outburst of lust, on the platform where she kept her supplies.  He passed over a bucket of the tiny fish the squid liked to catch and stuff into their beaks.

She leapt into the tank, hoping the water would cool the heat raging inside of her. Her shoulder beat dully where his teeth had marked her. Rising up through the water, she saw him there on the platform, peeling off his shirt.

It was a fucking shame that he was put together so well. Her eyes followed the long, dark arrow of hair that disappeared behind the waistband of his chino’s.  She wiped the runnels of water from her face, realizing that she’d forgotten to peg her hair up into a bun. Dammit! Their tentacles always got tangled when she wore it loose, and they swam merrily off as she winced and whimpered as her hair was tugged loose from her scalp.

“Throw me a pony-holder, will you?”

He turned, looking at her.

“What do I get out of it?”

“I’m not here to bargain with you, perv. I just need a pony holder. For fucks sake, would you just give me one? It’s right there on the hook.”

“Oh, this?” He slid his finger under a bright pink scrunchie. “These are so 1980, Casey.” He made his hand into a pretend gun, pointing the scrunchie at her. She reached up a hand to grab the expected launch, when he turned, and fired. It wound up on a potted palm.

“Oh, that was fucking helpful.” She growled at him. “C’mon William, stop acting like a 12-year old.”

“But I am a 12-year-old. A very horny 12-year-old. Come and get it, little Casey.” He held the spare scrunchie out over the water.

“I’m not a fucking dolphin. I’m not swimming over there and jumping out of the water for it.  You’re a bastard AND a perv.” She flicked water at him, but he merely laughed.

She dove down into the water. It was never possible to see out of the tank. She was careful to not go too deep; she didn’t know when the guests were arriving, and she didn’t want to be a public display of female nudity. She figured that would upset the uptight and proper Mr. Withers no end. She imagined fainting ‘grande dames’ and the sweat-beaded upper lips of top-hatted gentleman. Kicking hard, she broke the surface of the tank. She saw William sitting on the ledge, and ignored him.

In moments, she felt the familiar upsurge of water against her feet that presaged Sid’s arrival. The warm water swirled around her, and in seconds she felt the familiar caress of a tentacle around her ankle. Her skin was so hyper-sensitive to touch today. Maybe all the salt-water was getting to her. She flushed as the tentacle coiled up and around her foot, twirled up over her calf, and again around her thigh. Her left leg was encased in tentacles, the suckers ‘kissing’ their way up her leg.

The throb, deep in her cunt, was unexpected. Sid always greeted her this way. Sometimes he’d tug her head below the water, if he was feeling frisky. But today, the touch turned her on, made her hot and trembly. She rubbed at the tentacle tip as it reached her belly, extremely aware that William was sitting on the ledge, watching.

She wanted to tune him out completely, ignore the bastard, turn her back. But Sid kept her still in the water, facing him. Her breasts floated at the surface of the water, and she saw his sardonic grin as he, very blatantly, oogled her.

“You can stop that at any time,” she growled at him.

“Come over here and make me,” he taunted her.

“You really are a fucking 12-year-old,” she grumbled, frowning fiercely.

“Operative word there is “fucking” I think.” He ran his hand over his groin suggestively.

“You wish, perv!”

He nodded slowly, staring at her tits, then her face, and rubbing the very obvious bulge in the front of his speedo’s.

“I do wish. Very much. Right now I’m imagining my cock sliding between those bulbous mounds of yours, until I cum all over them. Spray those tits, your face with my juice, and watch it drip off your nose.”

She shivered. The water was warm, but she was suddenly steaming hot. Her nipples peaked again, and when another tentacle slid between them, she could not hold back the moan. Her body a pulsing riot of lust, she watched Williams hand stroking his thick cock, imagining it where Sid’s tentacle slid. Imagined the thick, purple head of it bumping her chin, her lips. Imagined the salty tang of cum on her lips, the tight grimace of sex-release on his face as he spilled his seed on her.

The first tentacle was half-way in her pussy before she realized what it was. By then it was far too late. Sid had encased her other leg tightly, then gently, subtly, parted them. The tip twitched and moved inside of her, rubbing and twirling all those sensitized nooks and crannies. Her eyes locked with William’s as her asshole was similarly plundered. A tentacle tickled her ear, another rubbed her lips. She was, quite suddenly, filled with Sid.

When the tentacle withdrew from her cunt, she felt a sense of loss. She was so horny. So needy. She throbbed. She burned. There was liquid heat in her belly, and the need to explode.

Something larger poked at her leg. Looking down she saw a silvery white tube that she’d never observed before.

“Oh my gawd…he has a….cock…” she moaned.

“Of course he has a cock. He’s going to fuck you brainless.” Williams words did nothing to still the fire building between her thighs. She couldn’t quite ignore him, but she was suddenly focused on that giant, bulbous head.

It pressed against her pussylips.

“It won’t fit!” she yelped.

“It will fit, trust me. It will fill every inch of your pussy. He’s got one in your ass to hold you steady, but he will press that giant cock of his into you, whether you want it or not. But we both know you want it. You crave it. You can’t wait to be split on it.”

She took a deep breath against the sudden upwelling of sex-need. She’d never felt this turned on in her life. She had no idea she had hormones flowing in her blood, aiding the fire in her loins. She only knew she had to be fucked.

“He’s going to push that big dick of his right up into your belly, and rut with you. He doesn’t understand you, only that he needs to fuck you, as much as you need him to plunge that fat, rubbery, slippery thing inside of your heat. He’ll feel it, that burning inside your cunt.”

He all but spat the word at her. Cunt.

She shivered again, such a dirty word. But he was right. She wanted it, craved it. She moaned, long and low, as the giant octopus pressed his cock between her lower lips. She could not resist, he held her open, pressing inexorably upward into her body. Her hole stretched, and her mouth opened to emit a loud keening cry. It hurt! So big. Too big…she couldn’t…

It went on, and still he pressed up and into her tunnel. He felt cold, and rubbery, like…like one of her big dildo’s. He twisted, adjusting his angle, and the rubbing hit every single nerve ending, stretched taut. Her asshole burned as the thick appendage up her shitpipe pulled her open, wider than she had ever been before.

The beginning of her first orgasm came with the tiniest tickle of the tentacle in her asshole. Had it stroked deeper inside of her belly? The thought of that tentacle traveling deeply into her bowels grossed her out. She imagined the coiled tangle of her intestines filled with the thick, twisting arms of the beast that held her tightly, unable to resist. Unable to push him out. Unable to move. It fueled a deep, primal fear of being invaded. It ashamed her that it also, however sick it was, turned her on.

The cock pulled out, just a bit, twisting. She wondered if her pussy was too tight for him, and if he’d stop. Geebers she hoped not.

Wait…what was she saying…she didn’t want this. To be fucked by an …The tickle became a tidal wave as the cock slammed back inside of her, brutal and hard. Her cunt clenched down on the invading rod, squeezing it, until she felt every vein, every nodule along the thick, pulsing shaft. She came so hard she blacked out, head lolling back in the water.

“Way to go, Sid,” congratulated William, his tone pure sarcasm. His slow, hard handclaps roused her.


In the viewing areas below, all the carefully arranged chairs lay in disarray. People crowded the windows, looking up.  A woman, skirt rucked up around her waist, hands pressed against the cool glass, was being fucked from behind, as she craned her neck to see the tentacled beast ravaging the woman. Another woman held the cocks of two men in her hands, jerking them off as her tits were brutally molested.  In viewing area 5, three men were roughly fucking Marie, the maid, who had brought in champagne on a silver tray. She may have complained but the thick shaft buried in her throat prevented speech. Her ass and pussy were as violated at that slick cunt in the tank. How she hated her! Soon, all rational thought fled, as she served more than bubbly to the men in the small room.


Mr. Withers sat in his comfortable office. He could watch each of the viewing areas, and the activities in the tank, thanks to a series of cleverly hidden camera’s. His own cock was twitching just a bit, which was quite unexpected. He turned his attention back to his accounts. The hefty fee paid by each of the 122 visitors should more than aid in continuing to fund his Giant Squid rebirthing project.  He hoped for a successful outcome with the eggs planted in Ms. Butlers receptive womb. He looked back at the monitor, imagined that slender pussy, impaled with that giant cock. He felt no remorse for her ordeal. She would be well compensated for her time and purpose. His cock twitched again as he observed yet another orgasm shake the girl.

A soft knock at the door interrupted his thoughts.

“Enter,” he ordered, curtly. The staff had been told to not disturb him. The gardener’s assistant, Frederick, poked his head in the door. A young, strapping lad of 23, Mr. Withers felt his cock leap to life as he stepped inside at his wave.

It wasn’t long before Fredrick was under Mr. Withers desk, performing a very un-garden-like task. The sounds of sucking and moans filled the spacious office, as sunlight streamed through the tall windows.


She thought she had died from pleasure. He had fucked her forever. Her pussy was swollen from use, and the water around them was cloudy with cum and semen. Slowly the tentacles had withdrawn. One held her gently around her waist, supporting her.

The first contraction shocked her. Her belly heaved, and for one second she thought she was going to throw up. There was a tightening along her stomach, and her toes curled. Sid squeezed her waist gently. She felt a pop. Then another. A series of pops, all coming from her cunt.

She was scared. He’d broken her, and now she was dying…something leaking from her pussy. She looked into the water, expecting to see blood.

Small, round orbs, each the size and color of ripe plums were floating around between her legs. She counted six. Another contraction, and two more popped out. She could not believe it. It was …otherworldly. Like a science fiction tale.

She was laying eggs.

One last contraction. One last pop. One last egg.

There were nine of the little fuckers. Gently, Sid pushed her over to the ledge, where William helped tug her out of the water. She was drained, boneless. His arms went around her, supporting her. Together they watched Sid gather up the eggs, and dive down into the depths of the tank.


She awoke in the pearly dawn. Something heavy was on her chest. She blinked, trying to clear sleep-sand from her eyes. She tried to stretch, but she was definitely pinned.


His voice was deep, foggy with sleep. A large hand covered her breast, but the fingers clenched around her, pinching her nipple.

“go back to sleep.”

It was William.

A wide yawn overtook her. Not certain why she was still so tired, she curled into him and slept. Tomorrow was far enough away.

As she fell back into slumber, his arm tugged her closer to his body, tucking her into him.

She smiled as his lips pressed against the back of her neck.

At peace, she slept.

*The End*