I Meant to Do That

She sashayed across the bedroom. The tall, pencil heeled stiletto’s made her legs look sleek, long, and lean.

“Well? You like?” She turned, casting a flirting glance over her shoulder to where He sat on the edge of the bed. A small smile played on his mouth for a moment. If she’d not been looking, she might have missed it. Turning her back to him, she smiled her own soft, secretive smile. She wiggled her hips, shimmying the soft fan of silky fabric that just brushed the lower curves of her bottom.

She took a step backwards, towards him. She wriggled, stepped, wiggled and stepped. She glanced back, enjoying his reactions. He’d lain down now, on his side, head propped with his hand. She glanced at his jean-clad crotch. Yes, there was a definite bulge there. She stopped moving, and bent forward, knees turned inward, heels out. Bending slowly, she offered her ass to his view. Why he loved the way her panties showed under her naughty short-short-oh so naughtily-short skirts, she didn’t quite understand. Yet, it was His fantasy, and she was determined to play it out.

Glancing under her arm playfully, she noted that his cock was pressing harder against the confines his jeans, the bulge noticeably larger. She bent lower still, fingers sliding down her fishnet stockings,  until she reached the  top strap of her shoe.

She wondered if he could see the damp spot on the center panel of her panties. Wondered if her plump lower lips pressed outward, like an inviting, sultry kiss. Wondered how hard He would fuck her when she finally made it all the way back to where He lay on the bed.

He’d promised a very long “hand” session this time, too. She did enjoy spankings, and over His knee? The best. The heat of His hand on her flesh. The steady thud of His palm, the small whimpers, and His grunts as He worked her flesh to a ruddy glow. Just thinking about it, the simple but embarrassing act of Him pulling down the white ‘grannie panties’ He’d ordered her to wear made her drip.

She took a step back, still bent over, still waving her panti-clad ass in the air.

Her heel caught on the carpet.

She felt the grab, but was already precariously balanced, bent as she was. She teetered forward, corrected, tilted sideways, corrected again.

Quickly she tried to rise, to catch her balance. Arms pinwheeled in the air, she hung, for one long, drawn-out moment, on the edge of that snagged heel.

And then she went down, with a thud, onto her ass.

She lay, splay-limbed, in shock. She was humiliated. She was embarrassed. She was appalled.

Why the¬†fuck did these stupid accidents keep befalling her. OH, great. “Befalling”…she snorted. There was a slap on the top of the bed and a funny, strangling noise. Rolling to her side, she rose on shaking limbs.

He was laughing.

Laughing so hard that tears were leaking from His closed eyelids. His hand slapped the bed, the other hugged His belly.

“Well,¬†fine”¬† she snorted.

She stood, on wavering legs, watching Him laugh at her folly. The giggle caught her unaware, and with one faltering step, and another, she collapsed on the bed, consumed in mirth.

“I meant to do that,” she finally said, between giggles.

Hugging her close, He erupted in laughter once again.


i offer this as a token of esteem, love, and humor to all of us who are “klutzy sluts”…I know I’m one…but I am not the inspiration for this tale. She knows who she is. ūüôā ¬†And….based on her true-life experiences? There will be more of these little tales. ¬†~n~