4 Words

We were texting Sunday…just teasing dribs and drabs. I was in full-vanilla mode, busy as a one-armed paper hanger.

But He managed to stop me dead in my tracks, pulled me right out of that “v.m. mode” and into His world…(or rather, my place in His world). We’d been texting back and forth all morning.  He’d been very Dommish today. (You subs will understand that remark!) There are many days when we’re kinda vanilla-esque (though He will tell you…He is always in Dom mode…He just varies the extent that He uses at any given time with/to/on me…).

See, I’d sent a semi-flippant response to a text He’d sent me.  I was feeling a bit happy with myself over that remark. It was funny. It was smart-assy without being rude. It coasted right on the edge where I like to play. My remark was about wanting this particular thing that He’d mentioned…but definitely not in the way HE had said I would get it.

I was right in the middle of doing something, and I walked past my phone and figured ‘what the hell, I’ll see if the Master Man has written back to my smart-ass comment. Sure enough, He had. I opened it, read it. My focus narrowed to the four words on the screen in my hand. All else faded away.

The world tilted.

My pussy clenched, then grew wet. Not moist, not tingly.


not your choice anymore

There simply isn’t a better way to know that I’m owned.