wah wah waaaaah….

I’m just rambling here. No common thread, just whatever is popping in my head (although that does tend to get me in trouble from time to time…).

I’m scattered, tired.

I wish I had some kinky story for you all today. Real life has shot me in the ass and I have zero creative energy.

I’m not sure what is up with young son, but he’s been on these screaming rampages of late that just totally drain me. It is what it is and we’ll get through it, but it takes all my juice to get it resolved.

And so I don’t kill him. Coz yanno…that’s not really a solution.

I’m seriously thinking “soundproof room” for my next home renovation project….. :)…. but I’m not sure which of us would go into it! *smile*

Okay, that’s not serious either. I needed a spot of levity.

I see in my email that so many of you have left comments, and I’m behind on answering those…but you know that I will,  I promise!

I slept badly, and woke disoriented. Wild and disturbing dreams when I did sleep…and then today? Spiders. Spiders are the theme of my day.


Hate those fucking creepy things. (*shudders*)

But I have gotten some reading done, which has been nice, and am getting my home a bit more organized, and am trying to rework my life schedule coz I have a new job working a few hours in the evening. I love the break (and the money!); I don’t mind hard work at all, and the physicality of it will help me work towards my goal of being slimmer, which pleases Master.

And we spoke this evening. I texted Him a few times in the day about how horrid it was. He sent a beautiful rainbow picture to cheer me up, and then we talked for a bit.

That always helps.

And I’m going away for a few days, and “supposed” out loud to Him that I’d likely be orgasm free during that time, which earned me a “smart slut” from Him.

Which makes me smile AND frown. Coz yanno…what submissive slut doesn’t like hearing “smart slut” from her owner? But He’s also removing my orgasms for that time. Kinda like that pain/pleasure thing isn’t it?

I’m horny, and wanting my Master’s hands on me. I’m greedy and wanting Him talking to me nonstop for hours.  I want…

well…what do I really want?

Orgasms, naturally.

Under His hands…being tortured, the clit flicking that is His new game…He flicks so hard…it hurts and turns me on so much. I imagine that, laying there, legs splayed, and wanting Him to touch me.

And Him flicking.


And then ?

He’d likely bite me as He slid His fingers along my folds, and find me wet. Stop biting to admonish me for being “such a slut”. Then touch me more…until the pleasure builds and the orgasm begins to open and bloom like a rose in the sunlight…opening, spreading, trembling…


and He chases it away with a flick of His finger.

Hmmmm. …. that’s a pretty nice fantasy to masturbate to, isn’t it? The beautiful touch of His hands…the bruises and pain He can inflict so easily on my body.

I have two orgasms coming to me tonight (for being His good girl!)…so I guess I’ll be heading off now….

Enjoy your Hump Day…I know I’ll be enjoying myself, soon!