HNT and nilla Babble…

Today was so much a better day that I walked around for half the morning wondering if I’d fallen asleep in another house! My MIL called just before I went out to run some errands and quickly disabused me of *that* notion…:) Some people just try to suck the happy right out of a girl…but I just pushed it aside into the mental box marked “angry MIL” and went on with my day. At least she is not mad at *me*… 🙂

In a few minutes I’ll be talking to my Master, the last time I’ll talk to Him for a few days, since my family is going camping this weekend. A holiday here in the US, Labor Day is on Monday, and I celebrate it by doing all the prep work for said trip.

I’ll wave to you, Tip, from OOB!

I had a hair color…disaster is likely too strong a word…but it’s close, about 4 weeks ago now. It came out deeeeep red with a purple cast to it. So much for copper highlights. Ugh. I hated it. Master, to His credit, did not flip out. I let it ride for a week, then colored it lighter, which helped. I’ve gotten it back to a nice rich red…and today Master sent me pix from last year.

This is the red I like the best.

I got it about 5 hours after I’d colored it; naturally, my *new* color is a bit more saturated than the one He likes best. But…it will be all better by our playdate.

OH, and it’s HNT, isn’t it! Almost forgot. And wouldn’t Master be pissed at me about that oversight? See Master? I remembered in the nick of time.

Nick, Master.

Not nipple.