“Here it is!”

She presented the package to him with a “ta-da” tone to her voice. She was happy as hell to have completed her little project before they had time to be together again. He might laugh at her from time to time for being a tightwad, but she really enjoyed making the toys that they played with. There was a certain thrill, after all, in spending a fraction of the cost of an online sex toy purchase, compared to a visit to the hardware store.

“I hope this isn’t a dildo, because if it is? It’s going right up your ass!” He smiled that dangerous shark smile at her. She shook her head wildly, a look of shock crossing her face. The package was close to 4 feet long. As if he’d be able to…no, she wasn’t going to dwell on that prospect.

“No no no…” and she couldn’t help it. She giggled nervously. She hated to giggle…it was …girlish.

He tore through the bright colored wrapping paper. The long silver pipe had her leaping to her feet to explain.

“See? I put eye bolts through here, and here,” she pointed to each end of the device. “You can hook a carabineer through each one, and through the D-ring on my ankle cuffs…” Her voice trailed away, expectantly.

“A spreader-bar…and you made this, hmmm? Clever slut.”

He examined the shiny metal bar, tugged on the eye bolts. “You sure these things will hold? You fight like a wildcat when I go after your clit, you know.”

She blushed. She wasn’t proud of that, really. As much as she loved the Devils Dance of playing with a sadist, sometimes it was too much. She wanted to just lay there and take it. But she couldn’t. And really, what fun would it be for HIM if she didn’t struggle? Wasn’t that part of what turned him on?

She thought about it, then nodded. “I think they’ll hold just fine. I had to work really hard to screw those bolts into the holes I drilled. She watched as he hefted the rod, making the carabineers jingle and dance.

“So….” He paused, looking at her.

“Yes, Sir?”

“Why are you still dressed?”


The clever man!

Not only did the attachments hook onto her ankle cuffs with ease, but with a bit of rope, he tied her wrists to the bar, and the whole shebang onto the headrail of her bed, pretty much folding her in half. She struggled for breath, in part from the uncomfortable position, and in part from the sensory overload.

He was stroking her exposed pussy with a soft flogger, trailing the falls along her folds, making them dance over her clit. She moaned, trying to move, but no way was she going anywhere! She’d definitely outdone herself!

She yelped when the flogger came down firmly against her open cunt, her ass.  She jolted, and hollered when He did it again.

“SIR!” she gasped.

He lashed her vulnerable girly bits again. She twisted, she wriggled, she writhed, all to no avail. She teetered on the edge of tears, as the flogger slapped over her swollen and vulnerable pussy.

His strokes were firm, then soft. Firm, then soft. Soft, then firm. There was no consistency to the torment.

And then he struck her clit. Once. Twice.

The third blow made her arch, spitting and yelling. There was a metallic *chinnng* as the carabineer flew across the room, and almost at the same moment, the dull thud of metal.

“Oooooooh!” she moaned, as the fucking rod fell away, striking her forehead with a solid thunk. She blinked, saw stars and red and black lights. The pain in her pussy was mirrored by the sudden, shocking pain in her head.

“Sir! “

There was a sigh. The quick flick as he removed the other leg and wrist from the device.  He looked at her, then turned for the bathroom. He returned a moment later, one of her navy blue facecloths in his hand.

He pressed the cool dampness on her forehead.

“This is only fun when *I* put lumps on you, slut.” He blotted the bit of blood from the cut over her eye.  “You pulled the eyebolt straight out, you know. Next time you’ll have to put bolts on them, hold them tight into the rod. You know, I’ll bet your mamma warned you about playing with toys like this.”

His voice rose in a warbly falsetto as he spoke. “Someone’s going to put an eye out with that damned thing…”

And then he laughed.

She wondered if she’d ever live this one down.  His next words made her believe that.

“So, what next slut? Running with scissors?”