Dr. Strangeguy, House Call

I paced the floor of my living room.  Surely he’d get here soon? Just at that moment, a car drew up in front of my house. It was an older model Ford, the kind you’d expect a therapist to drive. Nondescript. Not flashy. Just a quiet sedate sedan.

You’d think for the cost of health care these days, the good Doc could do better but to each their own.

I opened the door even before he could knock. He could see my face, that I was anxious.

“nilla…your call said you were desperate, and I needed to come soon. Let us sit and talk a bit.” He led me into my living room. I couldn’t help the tears that gathered and flowed.

“Dr. Strangeguy,” I began, grabbing at the tissue box I had in my hand. I blew my nose loudly. Ya, not ladylike, but what can I say? I was desperate.

“They won’t stop, you see? Over and over again. It keeps happening. I can’t …”

He held up a restraining hand.

“Wait, wait my dear, you get ahead of yourself. You’re pacing. This is very unlike you, nilla. I’d say your panties are in a knot, but we both know the truth of that, don’t we my dear?” He smiled at me.

I felt a rush of empathy for this little man. Here, he’d driven all this way just to help me in my desperate need. I hadn’t even offered him a drink! And he sat and smiled and made jokes about my unfortunate habit of not wearing undies.

Swallowing down the worst of my misery, I played hostess. I got him ice water, and some vanilla wafer cookies. He smiled when he saw the box on the table. I smiled at his smile.

And then I burst out crying.

He rose, and engulfed me in a hug.

“I have to show you where it starts,” I murmur against his strong shoulder. He pats my back, runs his hand down my hair, tugs it a little bit.

I really like when a guy tugs on my hair.

I lead him up to my wee room.

“You see, Doctor, it starts here. I try to go to bed, to sleep. And then …” I swallow hard, afraid to go on.

“Go on, nilla, you can tell me…you know you can tell me *anything* at all.”

I look at him, lips compressed. Maybe…maybe he’s right. Maybe saying it will help ease it.

“I lay down…and try to close my eyes, and then it starts.”

I close my eyes, and feel myself sway a bit.

His hands on my arms steady me. His fingers brush my breast, and I feel my nipple crinkle in response. Not sure what it is about this man, this Doctor that turns me on…but it happens every time.

“Tell me more, nilla,” he says, as his fingers brush my tits again.

“I see…pictures in my head. Stories and words…all about….” my voice drops to a whisper….”you know…we talk about it every time.”

“Tell me,” he demands, his fingers pinching my nipples. I might have squealed a little bit.

“YesSir!…it’s…..sex.  Not regular boring sex. But…tied up. Stretched out. Open holes. Orgies. Airtight holes. Sex words…cock, dick, rod. Hard ones, big ones, small ones, fat ones. All diving, plunging, surging, thrusting into tight, wet, hot tunnels, channels, pussies, cunts.”

I pause, take a breath, then moan as his fingers continue to massage my tits. I think it’s massage. That’s what he tells me. No charge, either!

“It’s a non-stop sex movie in my head all the time. And…”

I stop, hang my head.

“And?” He queries.

“And…..I see myself…. you know…in them.”

“And what is it you see yourself doing, my dear?” He asks, as he slips my tee-shirt over my head, and returns to massaging my tits.

“I …see my brea…” I pause. He’s told me to say it like I see it. I take a deep breath. Talking this stuff is so much harder than writing it down, after all. “I see my tits, tied up in ropes. Until they turn purple, and my nipples feel like they will burst from it. And I’m being fucked and held by them….”

“I’m not sure that was a dream, nilla,” says Dr. Strangeguy. He lifts his briefcase to my bed, opens it. Inside is a thick coil of rough hemp rope, exactly like in my dream.

“Tell me, nilla….do you believe in ESP?”

I nod my head slowly, my heart racing. “Extra Sensory Perception? Yes, that could be it, couldn’t it, Doctor?”

He shakes his head, smiling at me.

“No nilla, in your case,  it’s Extra Sexual Perception…and you do have the worst case I’ve seen in years!  Good thing for you, little girl, that I have the cure right here with me.”

He smiled, and began pulling the rope from his briefcase.


13 thoughts on “Dr. Strangeguy, House Call

    1. I’m so glad it made you laugh. I love these tales too. And…I had NO idea that Dr. STrangeguy was in my head when I sat down to write. He’s *amazing* that way…kinda like your JP…JR….JT…(?) the amazing analyst!!!



    1. 🙂 Ginormous smile ancilla! I lllloooove that you had to go…take care of things… this is such a fun tale to keep coming back to.


  1. See that nilla, just a little Maine air in your lungs, and you got right to Dr. Strangeguy, and you couldn’t have written it better. I’m sitting here with a smile from ear to ear. Very damn good!!! Tip
    ps, sorry about the weather last weekend, I know I didn’t think it was suppose to rain Sunday and got drenched fishing.

    1. 🙂

      The weather was just fine on Saturday!! Great day at Portland Head. Sunday was …well. It sucked. Just sayin’. I’m sorry you got rained on while fishing, but somehow? That cheers me enormously! We won’t even talk about the wildly fierce thunderstorm that blew through on Friday night, will we?

      Glad you liked Dr. Strangeguy. He’s a neat kind of Dr. isn’t he? 🙂


    1. i hear he’s taking new patients… mwhahahaha!
      Yup, I’m in the Northeast…rubbing my hands together and waiting for Autumn…!


  2. Hard to find a good doctor that still makes house calls, glad you have Doc Strangeguy 🙂
    Have to agree with the others, seems the fresh air did you some good. Hopefully Autumn is right around the corner.

    1. 🙂 oh, I so need some cool air. It was nice in the North, but it got hot(not as bad as midsummer and nothing like what you southerners had to deal with …but for us? Hot)….and humid as all get-out. blah.

      Glad you enjoyed the good doctor as much as I did!


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