nilla and the no good, terrible, very bad weekend. Almost.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t exactly no good. There were some terrible things.

Okay, not terrible. Stupid, oh hell yeah… like…do you know what happens to a Hot Pocket if you nuke it for 13:00 minutes rather than 1:30 minutes? If you said “almost start a fire in the microwave at work” you’d be cor-rect!  And of COURSE  I had to do it while there was a customer AND the boss there too.

*shakes head*

Everyone else was fine about it, crisis averted. But what a dumb thing to do. Sheesh. That’s what happens when I’m rushing around. And so no lunch for nilla, and 12 hours without eating doesn’t make me any smarter. Sheesh. Let’s say that the best part of work…was locking up, and heading home.

It was a busy weekend, lots of shuffling of family members, kids there, teen there, wife there, all of them off to there, and me here and and and ….

I woke up Sunday in a TERRIBLE mood. Just ugly. And I was growly and gruff. I had slept badly, despite a lovely orgasm from Master. Likely work was playing tapes in my head. And then there was  the dog going outside and being allowed to bark at 6:55 a.m. right under my bedroom window (wife’s subtle message that I should be up by then?)  I mean, c’mon. The ONLY day I don’t work nor have to be up early and she’s going to let that happen.

“oh, sorry.”


*sigh* So, shitty mood.

I went to meet Master this morning. Our play day is on the horizon, but we’d not seen each other for 2 weeks, and I was hungry for some face time. And He could tell I was in a mood.

And He worked to jolly me out of it.

I was still grumpy.

(this is a bad headspace to be in when with one’s Sadist, just sayin’…)

Soooooo…it’s time for me to go, i have a zillion things to attend to while wife and kids are away. He walks me to my car, tickling me, and pinching me. OUch. giGGlE!


So here’s where nilla learns her lesson.

I get into the car, roll down the window. He pinches my fingers, making me whimper. I need the pain, but you know what?

It is pain and it fucking hurts.


And I reach up, run my fingers up His arm. Wanting more.


I have no fucking idea where my brain went. Seriously. Like…*poof* the nilla brain went away….

I reached out and pinched His nipple.


He *stares* at me.

“What the fuck nilla?” He says, His voice incredulous…disbelieving my temerity.

And he pinched the fuck-all out of my arm, pinning me in my seat and pinching so fuckity-fucking hard it made tears well up.

“You….you…do NOT touch my nipples.” He says.



Funny thing is, driving home with my arm throbbing…it seemed to sweep away the cobwebs, brush out the raw edges…and by the time I got out of my car? The mood was changing.

I got a text from Him as I got home.

“You get a nooner.”



a NOONER????

The last time I got one of those, I couldn’t take advantage of it, but this time? I literally leapt upstairs and got right to work on that task!

And Oh. What an O that was. A nooner. Woot!

And the no good, terrible, very bad weekend?

Shrunk to manageable levels and put away.

Next weekend, I’ll get the spanking I so definitely need. But for now, those bruises will have to hold me.


15 thoughts on “nilla and the no good, terrible, very bad weekend. Almost.

  1. You pinched his nipple?




    That’s kind of great.

    Well, except for the major bruises on your arm. At least you got a nooner out of the deal!


    1. I’m so SO glad you laughed! I’ve been laughing about it all day. I pinched HIs nipple. Indeed I did.

      I’ll pay for it, but I did it.

      And it was great.

      And will remain that way.

      Right up until Retribution Day. When did that Mayan calendar end again?



  2. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day is a favorite book in our house!
    I asked Bill what he would do if I reached out and pinched his nipple, and he just stared/glared at me, then gave a nasty laugh. I think you should be well prepared for next weekend. My guess is that the nooner was to lull you into a false sense of security.
    PS I enjoyed the reference to your writing at UCTMW yesterday! hahaha

    1. Here too…poor Alexander. I felt very much like him yesterday!

      Laughing @ your nooner comment…yanno? I was just thinking it may have been a test, too…to see if I’ll file an o report EVERY time I get an o…(passed that test!)…but yeah. maybe it is a little security blanket just laying there, waiting to be pulled off of me…and beat me with it.



    1. Oh.



      You didn’t? You DID? oh, you brazen hussy! OMG that’s PRICELESS!!! I LOVE the idea of that. I’m so thinking…well…maybe next time. My ass already has a big debt on it…:)

      still, Lea, I LOVE that. *laughing*


      1. Yeah, I have NO idea what I was thinking, or what possessed me to do it. And I WILL be paying for it. I’d definitely advise putting time between offenses of this nature!

  3. Okay nilla, look at the gold swinging watch, you are getting sleepy, and now that you are a sleep and under my power of suggestion, concentrate for 1 minute and 30 seconds with out thinking about getting your butt fucked, or your nipples clamped, or Tip binding your brea.. You may wake up when you here the microwave signal it is done. Tip

  4. Mrs. AP made the mistake of tweaking her ex’s nipple once. He smacked her on the face so hard that she saw stars. Lucky for her I’m not as violent … and sometimes rather like it.

    Glad you got your facetime and your nooner.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    1. Oh…that’s hard/harsh. I do like face slapping, but Master’s way’s are far and away more devious. And I know my ass will pay, and pay, and pay.



  5. Oh… oh my… oh my god… wait… gawwwd! (there, did I say it right?) As I read, I knew that there would be a ‘nilla moment’. I was reading so fast, I almost missed it. Pinched his nipple? And next week you give him the bag of toys? Geep! I am sooo glad I did not send you Armageddon.

    Oh, and for my contribution to stupid moments… We’d had playtime. He’d fallen asleep mid-sentence where he was promising me an extra O. Did I wait? No. Did I think to just take care of it myself? No. I was in an impish mood. I reached down, and blew a raspberry on the head of his cock. The results were astonishing, and yes, I paid for that one. It was still fun though.

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